ScentBlocker Loyalty Program

Welcome to the ScentBlocker Loyalty Program. This a a special program we offer to our loyal customers that allows you to enjoy perks throughout the year, including special promotions and discounts. 

Here is an overview of the program.

  • By signing up, you'll automatically receive 200 points, good for $10 off your next purchase! 
  • Every point you earn is worth 5 cents. 
  • When you accumulate 200 points or more, you will be able to apply your points to any new purchase. 
  • You can earn points for a variety of actions, including registering for the program, making a purchase, referring a friend, or reviewing a product. 
  • At special times during the course of the year, you may receive additional points in your account. You will receive email notification when these points are added to your account. 
  • You may accumulate up to 2,500 points at a time, which would allow you to take $125 off a purchase. 
  • For every $1 you spend in the store, you will earn 1 point.
  • We occasionally run special promotions that allow you to earn extra points. 
  • ScentBlocker reserves the right to revoke your points at anytime. 
  • For specific information about point collection for distinct events, refer to the table below.


New Registration 200 points
Store Purchases 1 point for every $1 spent
Referred Friend Sign Up                                      40 points, rewarded on friend's first purchase
Verified Product Review 40 points
Customer Birthday 200 points


Sign up for our Loyalty Program today and #ShowtheShield!