You Are His Favorite Child


So, how did you do this past week at remembering at least daily to thank Abba for adopting you into His family? Did you write yourself a reminder note? If not, and it's your desire to remember to thank Him, I suggest writing the note.

Let's listen to Him make it even more personal this week. Where would you rank yourself in His family? And why?

You are absolutely, without a doubt, His FAVORITE child right this minute! And for all eternity. Wrestle with that for a minute or two. I can almost hear your arguments, and they probably all begin with 'BUT.....'.Remember He gets the final word for what is true about you, and He strongly objects to your disagreements.

Which of His children does He say He loves more than He loves you? Going back to last week, you are His favorite when you are acting like the younger son and/or when acting like the older son.

Thank Him, thank Him, thank Him, for being His favorite this week. It will feel weird, but that is good. We'll keep looking for awhile at what HE HAS TO SAY ABOUT WHO YOU ARE.



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