All the Wrong Places


Kelsy and a beautiful whitetail shed she beat Cody to. Kelsy and a beautiful whitetail shed she beat Cody to.

Shed hunting season is arguably my favorite time of the year. It's a serious toss up as to whether I enjoy hunting season, or shed season more. Both have their own adrenaline filled satisfaction. But I must say, there's just something about long walks in the springtime, being able to get your hands on multiple bucks antlers you've been watching grow over the years.


The night before a shed hunt, I lie in bed at night and envision the place we are headed to the next day. I try to plan a strategic shed hunt. I picture the bluffs, open fields, and where I think Cody will be walking. See, I'm about as competitive as a person can get, and shed hunting is no different. It's imperative that I find the first shed, and also the biggest. I must admit, I do have a lucky horseshoe with me when I head out in search of sheds. I always seem to come home with the nicest or biggest shed of the day.


A gigantic whitetail shed! But... where's the lucky horseshoe? A cellphone pic of a gigantic whitetail shed! But... where's the lucky horseshoe?

Back to my "strategic plan". I spend most of the night awake, and by morning I'm a mess. By the time we actually get out to shed hunt, I'm usually so tired and over thought every aspect of the whole thing, (which I'm famous for) that I have forgotten where it was I wanted to walk and which bluff I wanted to check first. Cody is a walking maniac. I mean he covers ground at a walk faster than I do at a steady jog. He will set out in a certain direction and panic always riddles over me, thinking that's the bluff I wanted to walk first! I spend the first few hours of the shed hunt in a sheer panic. Seeing boot and quad tracks, trying to find another deer trail to follow, and eventually realizing I'm walking in circles. The areas we shed hunt are 99.9% public land, so it's not uncommon to see the evidence of a shed hunter that has beat you to a spot. First instinct is always to get out of there as fast as you can and get to new untouched ground. I can't tell you how many sheds both Cody and I have picked up among boot tracks and Skidoo/quad tracks. Everyone's eyes see something different. I've watched Cody walk by sheds and not even glance at them, as he has seen me do the same thing.


Kelsy's SOLA gear is perfect shed hunting attire. Kelsy's SOLA gear is perfect shed hunting attire.

Finding sheds in these kind of spots has made me a better shed hunter with sharper instincts. We have found so many sheds in these "wrong places". It really takes the pressure off, and helps us to enjoy our days out walking the hills, and not get so worked up seeing lots of previous traffic certain areas. So next time your out for a walk looking for antlers, remember that the wrong spot to look might just be the right spot.

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