The World's Biggest Bowhunter gets it done in Kansas!

Our buddy Don Pollauf of Bowhunting Addiction TV is having one heck of a season. Here's a recent report from Don while he's on his whirlwind tour of the Midwest whitetail rut. In Don's own words.

buck 1It was around nine am and I was getting a little bored in pop up blind, so my cameraman and I were cutting up a little when I looked up and saw this big guy staring down my decoy. He was intimidated by my decoy, and stayed out about 40 yards circling from my right to left, I gave him a snort-wheeze which immediately stopped him in his tracks. I thought for sure he was coming to fight George. (my decoy- LOL) After further review, he wanted no part of him and continued to walk to my left. One problem... we had no windows down on that side of ground blind, so the scramble began. I had to unzip a window while he stood there behind a patch of trees. He stood 40 yards facing us with cameraman focused on his movement. He was stating to get fired up and made a scrape where he stood. I could see the rage in his eyes. Once he was done laying scent on his hocks, he continued to move more to my left. Now more adjusting windows and adjusting ourselves. As he was directly downwind, my ScentBlocker Matrix suit continued to pay off with him not having a clue we were even there! I had to get in the cameraman's chair while Kyle (the cameraman) had to get on his knees in front of blind. The buck walked and stood at 40 yards right in my opening broadside, I asked Kyle “ got em?”


The answer was “No.” He had trees from his point of view. It felt like eternity as I continued to ask, he finally walked on an angle way to my left now 45 yards. He cleared the last tree and branches, Kyle replied “ em” and I let arrow fly- while holding the bow on an angle to get it through the small window opening in tent. Smack! I looked with intensity as the Carbon Express Launchpad nock hit directly above the leg in sweet spot. The G5 havoc buried into the body with heavy force! I shoot 75 pounds and 32"draw along with 570 grain Carbon Express Red Arrow, which helped me easily recover this deer. It cut leg bone right in half and lodged in opposite shoulder. We backed out for precaution and returned three hours later to find him laying 80 yards from where arrow hit him! Perfect heart shot, I cant believe we even pulled this off! Truly blessed!

WOW! Great job Don, and nice assist Kyle. What an amazing eye-to-eye hunt. We're glad you guys were wearing The Shield to get close and personal. As always, from all of us at ScentBlocker... congratulations! And please continue to keep us posted on your next wild adventure.

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