Wild at Heart!

Wild at Heart!
Are you a hunter? Are you crazy about the outdoors? Do you dream about wild adventure in the wilderness hunting for the biggest, most dangerous animals in North America? Well if you are like me, that urge to hunt and the yearning for wild adventure comes from deep inside of you; a feeling that you can't fake or manufacture, but something that stirs you, from inside of your very soul. This is who you are. You either have it...or you don't!
A few years ago, I was deep in the Alaskan interior archery hunting for brown bears and moose. It was late August and September and the rivers were full of salmon, the hills were ablaze with red and yellow foliage and the highest mountains were frosted white like giant delicate pastries. It was during this special time, while I was alone in all of nature's splendor, that I discovered a few very special things that had never occurred to me, and I had never enjoyed before.
First, I realized that some people are blessed with a wild heart, thirsty for adventure in the wild and far away places; some are not. I realized that it is God that has created some of us this way. Even in the Old Testament of the Bible, Adam and Eve had two sons; Cain and Able. Cain farmed the fields and Able was a hunter, he ate wild meat and was at home in the wild. Also, Isaac had two sons, Jacob and Esau. Jacob was a gardener; Esau was wild at heart, he spent his time hunting venison in the mountains and wildest places.
Another thing I realized is that not only did Almighty God create some of us with a wild heart ...He created all of the wild and adventurous places to satisfy that wild heart. Think about this - God created the high and dangerous places; he created the big and dangerous animals too! Now, it is a very cool feeling when you are miles and miles deep in the wilderness and you realize that God created those wild places and wild animals....and He created them just for those of us with an adventurous spirit to explore and enjoy them!
Finally I realized, perhaps I actually experienced, God's presence. There in the glory and the splendor of His amazing creation, unspoiled, unchanged and untouched....the spirit of the Lord was there; I've never felt closer to Him, I never felt more comfortable and fulfilled then when I realized the blessing that God had bestowed upon me when He made me wild at heart and gave me the yearning I have deep down in my soul to go have a wild adventure in the dangerous and beautiful wilderness that He created just for me to enjoy. It was there that I personally experienced His presence as never before, just as he planned and just as He created it to be!
While there, I ate wild salmon and trout on the shore of a remote river, I smelled the wild flowers high on the mountainsides, and I leaned into the stiff northern wind that bristled the lichen and wild blueberries and chilled me to the bone....and there in a wild place, I drove my broadhead deep into a bull moose at 15 yards! My reward was 5 feet of thick, heavy, giant palmated antlers that have become one of my most prized trophies.
So if you have been blessed with a love and appreciation for the wild outdoors, if you are most fulfilled when you are afield amidst nature, and if you just simply enjoy the hunt; thank the good Lord for creating you to be a wild man, a hunter...with a wild and adventurous heart!

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  • dana williams

    Although I've never experienced the Alaskan interior or taking a bull moose at 15 yards (something I've longed to do), I can honestly say this strikes the chord of my very being. I don't get out enough to enjoy the wild as provided by our maker, but when I do the feeling is exactly the same. Long live the Fraternity of Wild Men.

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