Whitetail Velvet with Brett Rousselle

Velvet Buck Brett's dream come true- a beautiful velvet whitetail.

As a young boy, I remember seeing my first ever velvet hunt on TV, as somebody from Realtree hunted over the Milk River and shot a buck that was still in velvet.  Ever since that day, I had always thought it would be neat to shoot a buck in velvet.  Little did I know, that that dream would come true for me later in life.


As little kids we have no problems dreaming up big dreams and goals for our lives.  Our imaginations run wild and we often find ourselves saying, “it sure would be cool if I could...” or “someday I’m gonna...”.  As children, our imaginations have no limits and mine was no different, so shooting a velvet buck was just one of the MANY.


Amen brother! Amen brother!

If you think about it though, for all of the children that are dreaming and for all of the dreams that we dream... how many of them actually come true?  How many of us actually get to experience our dreams as a reality?  I would venture and take a guess and say that the percentage is pretty small.  Considering ALL the dreams that people have dreamed, compared to the number of dreams that actually come true... I would say that the percentage is REALLY small actually.  So anytime a dream does come true for me, it’s always a very humbling experience.  One that I realize is not “owed” to me.  One that no one else can give me, but rather one that I must work hard towards, in hopes that it MIGHT... come true.  One that I realize DOESN’T come true for a lot of people, even with hard work.


For as hard of a hunt as this was and for the number of problems we ran into for most of the hunt, this goal of mine for sure wouldn’t have happened without hard work and mainly persistence and if there’s anything I’ve learned in life, it’s the fact that there’s NO substitution for persistence.  You can dream up anything possible in life, but without persistence and the drive to see it through, they’ll never happen.  With everything life throws our way and for all of the “haters” and “nay-sayers”, persistence is a MUST in order to see your dreams become a reality.


Stay persistent, never give up and you too can see your dreams become a reality.


- Brett Rousselle

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