Most Wanted Predators

For years I’ve had a bobcat on my Most Wanted list! I’ve seen them in Illinois but there is no season so I could never take the shot.

While hunting a few weeks ago in Alabama I saw some bobcat tracks on the way out of my deer stand. Just a year before I had a chance to shoot a bobcat from the same deer stand, but when the opportunity came I wasn't sure that the season was even in, so I had to pass. This year I made certain the season was in and after seeing the tracks my Most Wanted went from a buck to a bobcat! I even told my cameraman if I got a chance to take one on or off camera I was shooting if the chance arose.

photo Bob's coyote and bobcat

Predators like bobcat and coyote's survive with their nose's- not much different than deer. That being said, scent elimination is very important, I happen to have just received the first Apex suit from ScentBlocker with Trinity! A brand new sample from Scentblocker and I was going to put it to the test.

The wind was blowing to my right, as a doe and fawn came in down wind to my right, I thought this would be its first test. A doe with fawns- once she smells you- can be a pain. Generally, once that doe smells you, they can blow and blow and ruin any chances of shooting anything.

It wasn't but a minute or two and I heard her blowing and blowing and the fawn just stood around like what's up mom? The doe walked back into the woods still continuing to blow and blow! My thought's where this gig is up. The fawn stayed in the field and finally, while still blowing, the doe walked back out into the field- still down wind. But walking right into the field within 10 yards of her was this bobcat! Neither the doe or bobcat ever had a clue I was there. Completely down wind of us, two animals whose entire survival depends on their nose. They never did smell me with the new Trinity system.

And… well- the rest is history. A Most Wanted on the ground, but the show wasn't over. Before I could even retrieve my bobcat from the field another deer hunters worst enemy showed himself- Mr. Coyote! I believe every deer hunter should make it a point after deer season to shoot every predator they can. Just make sure to check local state laws on season and legal means of taking these fawn eating machine's!

Scott's "3 dog night" Scott's "3 dog night"

The next day I had passed my pictures and story on to Scott Shultz, president of Scentblocker. He replied, “I did as you asked!” and shot me back a picture of three dead coyotes he recently killed. Then… as if that wasn’t enough- he got five the next night!

Scott's "5 dog night" Scott's "5 dog night"

Dogs and cats beware- coyotes and bobcats that is- the Most Wanted team’s got your number.

Bob Richardson

Scentblocker Most Wanted

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