Tyler Fritz gets it done in New Zealand

At ScentBlocker, we’ve seen it all- from charging Cape Buffalo, to giant black giraffes. We’ve hunted angry grizzly bears, and came eye to eye with rutting moose. We also still get excited when a kid shoots his first squirrel, or a father and daughter bond over an unforgettable whitetail hunt. That’s what hunting is about to us- enjoying God’s creation with loved ones. We also get to hear countless hunting stories, and love every one of them. Unfortunately we can’t share them all, but occasionally we find a tale that has to be told.

Tyler Fritz is a hard working young man from Winamac, Indiana- Tyler was raised like many Midwest kids, with strong family values- enjoying hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. Turning his passions into a career, Tyler now works for an environmental restoration company- improving habitat throughout the Midwest.

These days, every extra dime Tyler earns goes to support his hunting habit. After an African plains game hunt in 2008, all Tyler could do was dream of New Zealand. Working hard and saving, Tyler finally booked the trip for early 2015! Here’s how it all went down. In his own words, Tyler’s tale of the ultimate physical challenge for an archer- a New Zealand red stag!

One of the animals Tyler hunted in New Zealand- a Tahr. Tyler felt "on top of the world"  literally and figuratively after recovering this beautiful animal. One of the animals Tyler hunted in New Zealand- a Tahr. Tyler felt "on top of the world" literally and figuratively after recovering this beautiful animal.

With busy lives and careers, it's hard to spend as much time with friends and family as I'd like. One thing is for sure though- my brother, dad and I always dedicate time for hunting and fishing adventures together. We had been planning on taking this New Zealand trip for about three years and began our research online. Once we were confident that we had found the best guide and area to hunt we pulled the trigger and booked the hunt. We were right on the money with finding the best outfitter in the area! Four Seasons Safaris was incredible. This put us about two years out from when we wanted to go and wow did that time fly by!

Finally March came around and we were ready for the trip. Bags were packed, equipment was functioning properly, and we could not wait to board that plane and fly across the world. It was about a 12 hour flight, but it flew by because of our excitement. Upon landing, we were picked up at the airport by Shane’s wife. Shane and his wife own Four Season’s Safari’s. She took us to their home where they hosted us for the first evening with great beer and incredible food. The hospitality was off the charts. Everyone was so kind and made us feel right at home.

The next day we made the two hour drive into camp which was located in the middle of red stag country! We could hear stag roaring right from the deck! Anticipation grew within. We saw a lot of different stag and spent some time hunting after wallabies (that was for sure a highlight of the trip). We chased stag all day- for two days straight. I'm so glad we had plenty of ScentBlocker Trinity Blast spray to continue to ensure we were scent free. Finally the evening of the second day I was able to close the distance.

Using the terrain and any scrub brush to my advantage, I was able to get within bow range of a majestic red stag. I'm thankful for the scent eliminating technology we had. Ask anyone who has hunted New Zealand, and they'll all tell you the same thing. The winds are horrible, shifting all the time. The terrain is rugged, and even the best Olympic runner's would work up a sweat. And... the stag are nervous- always on the lookout for predators. I needed every advantage possible to pull this off... Thankfully I trust ScentBlocker.

Tyler is all smiles with his magnificent New Zealand Red Stag. This is a hunt he will not soon forget. Tyler is all smiles with his magnificent New Zealand Red Stag. This is a hunt he will not soon forget.

One thing led to another, my arrow flew true and I was able to harvest a magnificent stag at 47 yards. My Matrix suit from ScentBlocker was very, very important. When trying to get into archery rang of one of these animals it is very difficult because of the changing winds on those rolling hills and valleys. This scent free technology made it possible to get within range- especially with a camera man as he doubled the scent profile. We went during the “roar” which was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever been a part of.

New Zealand was just a great place to be and I would suggest to anyone who is even considering going there- you HAVE to! And Four Seasons Safaris is an outfitter that we used, and I would recommend them to anyone as well. Shane Johnston is the owner and our guide was Greg Maw, both very very nice people who were dang good at what they do. My stag was giant, but the real trophy on these trips are my memories and time with family. This is one way that my dad, brother, and I still guarantee time with each other.

The Fritz men after another successful adventure together. The Fritz men after another successful adventure together.

Congratulations Tyler! On behalf of everyone here at ScentBlocker- we’re really happy for you. New Zealand sounds like an amazing place and we appreciate you sharing your adventure with us. What’s next? Maybe an Alaskan moose? or Canadian brown bear? or… Either way, keep wearing the Shield- and let us know how you do!

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