Tree Spider saves another hunter!

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“No jerk. No bruises. I was three quarters of the way drawn back on a buck and the treestand just vanished below me. The harness stretched out a few feet, I twisted around, climbed up my sticks, unhooked myself and walked home.” James Lavan was fortunate to be wearing his Tree Spider safety harness. “I never used to wear one. My wife got it for me last Christmas and now I never leave the ground without it.”

Reflecting back on exactly what happened the evening of Sunday, October 20th, James pointed out that the platform of his lock-on stand was hanging by a thread- or the rubber tubing the covers the metal cables to be precise. As he stepped out onto the edge of the platform to shoot the buck, the extra weight was too much for the old supports to bear and it gave away, seventeen feet off the ground, allowing him to fall freely.

James, on behalf of everyone here at Robinson Outdoor Products, we’re glad that you made it home safe. Thanks for sharing your story with us. And when you do shoot that buck this fall- send us a picture! Also, we know most husbands don’t like to admit it- but in this case, your wife was right in buying you a safety harness:)

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