Tree Spider Testimonial

We here at Robinson Outdoor Products are very proud of our Tree Spider line of safety equipment. Not only are they lightweight and perfectly designed for the hardcore hunter, but they do their job. Recently we received this e-mail from a loyal Tree Spider user Shawn Malloy and thank God that he was able to make it home to his family safe and sound.


“I just wanted to thank you guys for making a great product. On Saturday I was just finishing up an evening hunt and was making my way down my tree with my climber stand and the top half literally came right off! My legs were still hooked to the bottom part of the stand, and in a split second I was looking up at the sky still around 15 feet in the air. I'm no small guy either. As a power lifter, I weigh in around at 275 lbs.

The only thing that stopped me from falling down on my back to slender chopped off tree trunks and branches was my Tree Spider harness. I am sure if it wasn't for your harness, I would have not made it home that night. Because of your company's great product my wife still has a husband and my kids still have their father.

Thank you once again.”

Shawn Malloy

Shawn, we’re so glad you are safe and thankful that you took the time to write us. We as hunters have a responsibility to be safe. Our families and friends don’t care what we bring home after the hunt- they just care that we arrive home safe. So, on behalf of everyone at Robinson Outdoor Products- Shawn, we’re glad you are safe and we can’t wait to see the buck you tag this fall!

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