The Tree Spider Knows no Borders!

We here at ScentBlocker NEVER get tired of hearing Tree Spider testimonials. Recently I had a talk with a Canadian man, Drew Hall. Young and hardworking, Drew's got his whole life in front of him. I'm glad he had enough sense to invest in a Tree Spider. In his own words- Drew's testimony.

Drew and his lifesaving TreeSpider. Drew and his lifesaving TreeSpider.


October 28, 2014

Clinton, Ontario, Canada


22’ Up a Tree

It’s 0650 am and I’ve found myself hanging from my safety harness face to face with the trunk of a tree, shaking uncontrollably and wondering to myself “What the heck just happened?”

I’ll tell you what happened……

My Tree Spider Safety vest just saved my life.

The Story…….

Like any bow hunter knows, the climb into a tree stand is probably the most dangerous part of any bow hunt from an elevated platform. I was about to be proven correctly. I had hung my hang on stand a month before with two new ratchet straps. One wrapped around the top spine and seat of the hang on, and one firmly connected to the platform frame. When I hung this stand I spent 10 minutes ensuring it’s stability by standing in it while connected and settling it into the tree by gently bumping up and down to make sure it was settled. When this was done I was confident I had a secure and stable platform in which to bow hunt from.

The morning of my accident I climbed this tree without the use of my safety harness for the ascent. (Stupid) I made it to the top like the 100’s of times before without issue. I placed one foot into the platform and gently eased onto it. (No issues, no settling, no sounds) I retrieved my safety strap from my pouch to attach around the tree. I securely attached it and cinched it tight. I reached over my left shoulder and retrieved my bungee tether from the back of my Tree Spider Vest. I took the metal carabineer and attached it to the carabineer on the safety strap already attached to the tree. Viola all strapped in and ready to go.

I rotated to the right, grabbed my tow rope. Braced my feet and weight and start pulling my pack (10lbs and bow 6.5 lbs) up. When………


I was very much aware that I wasn’t on the hang on stand anymore and was actually nose to nose with the trunk of the tree 20’ feet up. After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a minute or two, and coming to terms with what just happened, I regained my composure and had to figure out how to get down. Luckily my tree steps were less than arms reach away and I could just reach out, pull myself over and gain purchase on the steps. I didn’t have to use the lineman’s safety lines to get down.

I climbed back up the steps, disconnected my lanyard, and made my way down to solid ground. On my descent I found the ratchet strap that had failed hanging from a branch. I inspected it thoroughly and could not for the life of me figure out what happened. The strap was intact, the buckle was working fine, and it looked like it was still new………

What happened was the top ratchet had somehow given up, releasing the top of the hang on stand near the seat. Which in turn fell forward from the tree and folding the platform down and into the trunk.

I’ve been calling this the “trapdoor effect”. Imagine a trapdoor in the cartoons where the character literally disappears into the floor. Well this is what had happened to me.

In the end my story isn’t about the how’s, the whys, and the what could haves. It’s about the fact that I was wearing my Tree Spider Safety vest. Ya, I know it could have gone a lot worse for me at that stage between the treestand and the platform, but it didn’t and I’m lucky.

It happened when I was strapped in and securely attached.

Thank You Tree Spider Safety harness, I firmly believe that if it wasn't for your product I wouldn't be writing this story today.

Thank you from the bottom of my Heart

Andrew Hall

Sarnia, ON


The extra stitching in Drew's Tree Spider worked perfectly. In fact- there's some left, but we DON"T recommend re-using a harness after a fall. The extra stitching in Drew's Tree Spider worked perfectly. In fact- there's some left, but we DON"T recommend re-using a harness after a fall.


THANK YOU Drew! We're glad you're safe. Now we do have one request, the next pictures you sent us are of you, your new Tree Spider, and a giant buck! Good luck.

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