She Thinks We're Just Fishing

sb fishingOne of the worst things about summer: the lack of hunting. One of the best parts of summer: it’s the perfect time to hit the lake for some fishing, or swimming, or just watching the sun set around a campfire with family and friends.

 I have fond memories of spending summer evenings with my family on the lake catching many a fish, throwing rocks at each other, and mostly just creating memories that we could tell for years to come. It’s that fondness that creates a tradition among families, and now I have a beautiful five year old daughter to pass our traditions on to, although she mostly prefers to throw things in the water and play with the worms!


sb fishing 2I think of how quickly the last five years with her has flown and I’m taken back by how fast life changes, and how little it stays the same. One of the beautiful things about being an outdoors lover is learning to live in the moment. Creating good memories is about connecting with one another and the world around you.


After my husband was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, little things like summer evenings on the lake or teaching our daughter to skip rocks, became the big things in life... smiles and laughter more significant than text messages and TV.

sb fishing 3Summer is on its way out. Another hunting season will be here before you know it. Don’t waste opportunities to create memories with the ones you love. Life is not a guarantee. Embrace those you love, follow your passions, and live in the moment. She thinks we’re just fishing…. what we’re really giving her are memories we’ll never be able to make again.

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