Karen's First Turkey!

Karen and Cristy with Karen's first turkey! Karen and Cristy with Karen's first turkey!

Last week I had the great opportunity to hunt Kansas Turkeys for the first time. I have chased turkeys in many other states, but this was my first Kansas hunting adventure. Although this week would bring many new first hand experiences, the most memorable would be sharing the blind with Karen Butler Founder & President of Shoot Like A Girl and a fellow SOLA Shield in the Field sister. Through several close calls, Karen had never harvested a turkey. With tags in my pocket and gobblers sounding off in all directions, I wasn’t about to miss the opportunity to experience her first turkey harvest. I’ve told may new turkey hunters that in my experience turkey hunting can either be one of the easiest or hardest hunts you have ever tried. In some hunts, it can seem like the turkeys have read the well thought out script we all play in our heads before going afield. Gobblers are hot and sounding off with every sound the call makes, approaching the hunting set up on a string. Or sometimes no matter how experienced the hunter is, the birds don’t gobble and seem to disappear completely.

On this particular morning Karen’s gobbler wrote, read, and directed the script. We were set up in a blind overlooking a huge wheat field. The first shining glimmers of daylight exposed the beautiful shadows of a turkey roost loaded with birds only about 300 yards away. I was sitting peacefully admiring all the blessings the good Lord had bestowed upon me. The morning was picture perfect and it wasn’t long until the first gobblers began sounding off from the roost. One over achieving tom flew down and proceeded to put on a ten-minute solo show close to the roost. As we enjoyed watching the show through our binoculars the rest of the turkeys decided to all fly down and join the party. Nerves and adrenaline began to flow through my body as if I was “on the gun.” I wanted nothing more than for Karen to harvest her first turkey and enjoy the excitement of holding her first turkey fan. The hens grazed through the wheat field as if they were on a highway headed strait for our blind. Three long beards followed strutting in unison. As the hens closed the distance to less than 30 yards I remember thinking “this is going to happen...it’s fixing to be game on” I told myself. I had no idea that the hens would come to less than 5 yards while the gobblers were still out of shooting range. Hens grazed right by the blind for what felt like forever before the gobblers put on a show moving slowly into range. In moments like these I was so thankful for quality clothing. Karen and I were both wearing SOLA Knock Out Gear. It is extremely soft and quiet material!! With birds so close, without extremely quiet clothing, even the slightest movement could have created sound that would alerted the birds that something wasn’t right. The gobblers then put on a beautiful show within twenty yards and Karen was able to make a quality shot and harvest her very first turkey. The true excitement of having the unique opportunity to witness someone’s first turkey harvest is definitely one for the memory bank! I encourage every experienced turkey hunter to take someone new in the field with you this season. You won’t regret it!

Cristy still finds time to get behind the trigger as well. Cristy still finds time to get behind the trigger as well.


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