Thank Him For Who You Are

Last week we talked about the truth that though we were born into Adam's family, we have been reborn and adopted by the Heavenly Father into His family.

As our Father God, He rightfully has the final say about who we are. He defines us, He describes us, He and He alone has the Truest and last Word on who we are.

I don't know about you, but I sometimes forget who He says I am and only hear what I or others are saying about me.

When I forget long enough and believe what the world is telling me about myself, I begin to behave accordingly. This is true for everyone. We can see this happening in a story familiar to all of us. Please quit reading this for a moment and read Luke 15:11-32.

Let's first notice both sons were identified as sons. Part of the problem they share in the story is they both had forgotten their sonship and the love and mercy of their father. Some of Father's children act like the younger son, others act more like the older son. It doesn't matter much which one we impersonate-one certainly looks better than the other- the problem lies in our forgetfulness. The younger son got one thing right, none of us deserve this adoption, this new identity, this being the beloved of Abba.

To help us remember this marvelous gift, I would encourage you right now to write down a reminder and place it somewhere obvious like your vanity mirror or dashboard, and each time you see it stop for 5 seconds and thank Him.

Til next week,


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