Team Radical Outdoors and ScentBlocker get it done in Colorado!

We here at ScentBlocker love to hunt! Sometimes duties at the office and home limit our time in the woods so when we get e-mails like this from Jake at Team Radical Outdoors, we feel like we’re part of the action. Check it out…

Colorado 2013

Usually it would be hard to get up at 3 a.m. to prepare for a long drive but knowing you are heading to Colorado for a spot and stalk mule deer hunt is a different story! After packing everything in the truck Justin, Josh, Kirk and I were on our way to Colorado! The grueling 15 hour drive was loaded with anticipation as we met with Josh Parise at our bunk house.

The first sleepless night was spent dreaming about what was to come and that 6 a.m. alarm clock could not come soon enough. I was the only one to not draw a tag so I had to run to town and cash in my voucher for a tag the next day. We decided instead of rushing to town we would glass in the morning to see if we can locate one for the afternoon. To my surprise, we spotted a giant right off the bat! Justin was my cameraman on this trip, and the good guy he is, volunteered to stay and watch the buck until I got back with my tags! With much relief, by the time I got back the buck was still in his bed! With a quick spray down with the new Trinity Scent Elimination Spray the stalk was on! Crawling through the cactus in thorns really does not seem that bad until you are in the thick of it! Its a good thing the ScentBlocker Tactical suit had built in knee and elbow pads or I would have been in pain for days! Playing the wind and scent elimination is crucial when hunting in Colorado because there is nothing to hide behind. You have to have trust in the camo and equipment you use. After a slow and cautious 4 hour stalk on my first mule deer stalk ever we were within 50 yards of the bedded beast! Now it was just a waiting game until he stood up. I must have ranged where we was 100 times before he finally stood up and walked dead away. My heart dropped until Justin whistled and stopped him quartering away at 63 yards. It seemed like an eternity from the time I hit the release to the arrow hitting the buck. The shot was perfect lodging in the far shoulder. I was so in shock of what had actually took place I was at a loss for words, I felt like the luckiest hunter in the world! Who else can say they shot a Boone and Crockett Mule Deer on their first day of their first mule deer hunt on their first stalk ever with a bow?! I feel truly blessed and want to thank Josh Parise and Chris Taylor in Colorado for this opportunity that I will never forget!


Justin Roepke and Jake Vancil with Jake's monster Colorado Muley Justin Roepke and Jake Vancil with Jake's monster Colorado Muley


So, on behalf of everyone here at ScentBlocker, congratulations Jake! We can’t wait to see what other massive beasts you put your tag on this fall. We wish you safe and scent free hunting.

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