SOLA Turkey Hunting

Finally it’s here! April, spring weather, and TURKEY HUNTING. This year I decided turkey hunting was going to become a top priority for me as I had a goal off getting my Turkey Slam done. One of the two turkeys I needed was the Osceola – so I decided to head down to Florida the last week of March and give it a shot.

Glassing an Oceola tom. The next step toward Sara's turkey grand slam. Glassing an Osceola tom in her SOLA gear. The next step toward Sarah's turkey grand slam.


It was warm and sunny, the weather was beautiful – I had a great outfitter to hunt with; so I was pumped and ready to go! Once we got out the first morning it was silent…no gobbles – nothing. We did see a few hens and a Jake which led to some excitement. That afternoon and the following morning was a repeat. Very quiet. The place appeared to be turkey heaven – I had a great guide – only problem was I hit it a little late. The turkeys were no longer responding and all the hens we seen were alone. I started to feel a little down about it – until finally the last morning of the hunt there it was….a big Tom came walking out into the field I was sitting on. My heart started pounding, I had the shotgun ready….and just my luck – he started to turn and walk the other way out into an open field. I had one option…to go after him! He was not responding to any type of calling or decoys. So I got on my belly and crawled about a hundred yards through the swampy Florida terrain to get to the field edge he was near – (Sporting my SOLA gear which was impressively quiet)….when I got to the cattle fence I was about 70 yards from him and he picked me off….it was now or never. So I decided to take a shot at him. Then my heart sank…I missed. After all that work, I missed!

I was so bummed out, but I actually sat out in the field for the remainder of the morning reflecting on it. I came to the conclusion- you win some and you lose some. In the past 5 years I have been so fortunate to hunt some amazing animals in the most exotic places in the world that I almost felt like I may have took it for granted on always expecting to harvest. Hunting is called hunting for a reason. Either way I had an amazing time enjoying the great outdoors wearing my SOLA gear, spending time with good friends, and enjoying God’s creations. Also – a big perk regarding my SOLA gear was how even after crawling through the swamp – when I took my gear off – I was still dry!

Thank you for reading!

Sarah Burkeland

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