SOLA Gloves- A Must Have

Getting ready for turkey season, I was going through my gear, and realized I had five pairs of gloves in my pack. More pairs of gloves than socks, and dry feet are vital on hunts, especially in the mountains of Montana where I hunted last year. I hadn't remembered that I packed that many gloves, because I was able to only rely on my SOLA Scentblocker gloves!

Karen and her SOLA gloves- the only pair she ever needs. Karen and her SOLA gloves- the only pair she ever needs.


Gloves are especially important to me, because I have Raynaud’s disease, which means that my when my fingers get cold, they frostbite very very easily. No kidding, my fingers will turn white on a 65 degree day, just from holding the steering wheel of my car. The Mayo Clinic says Raynaud’s isn’t disabling, but can effect quality of life. I have learned that I can keep my hands warm and dry, with my SOLA gloves, I can avoid Raynaud’s effecting my quality of life!


These gloves don’t get in the way of your shot; the intelligence of the grip technology actually gives you confidence of stability while shooting. Next year, these gloves will stay in my pack and on my hands!


Karen Butler is the President of SLG2, Inc, DBA: Shoot Like a Girl, a company dedicated to growing the number of women who confidently participate in shooting sports. For more information about Karen, visit

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