ScentBlocker's Top Five Spring Hunting Items That Set You up for Fall

At ScentBlocker, we are regular, hardworking, blue collar folks just like our customers and we understand the value of a hard earned dollar. We know purchasing hunting gear can be a big decision. As apart of our corporate mission to “Improve the hunter’s experience in the field”, we want the members of the ScentBlocker Army to get their money's worth. One great thing about our ScentBlocker gear is that it is all “multipurpose”, meaning that our gear can be used for more than one season. So here is our advice on how to get the most “bang for your buck”. Introducing our top five choices for spring multipurpose hunting gear that extends value through to fall deer hunting.


Bug Blocker for Ticks and Bug Blocker for Mosquitos

Uses - turkey, deer, predator, and waterfowl hunting, foraging, scouting, treestand prep, fishing

bugblockerFor 2015, ScentBlocker introduces two new products to combat insects of all kinds - Bug Blocker for Ticks and Bug Blocker for Insects. A recent article suggests that Ticks can carry 40 different harmful diseases and throughout human history, mosquitoe-borne illness has claimed millions of lives. We recommend everyone use bug protection. Bug Blocker for Ticks contains Permethrin, effective for two weeks on packs, gear and apparel, even after laundering. It can repel and kill any curious tick that comes forth, and is effective on chiggers, spiders, flies and other insects. We suggest applying it a day or two prior to the outing, to let the treatment set into the garment and for odor to dissipate.



BugBlocker for Insects with DEET also gives insects both barrels. In addition to DEET, it contains two ingredients that specifically target biting flies, while also repelling gnats, mosquitoes, chiggers and no-see-ums. These sportsmen strength repellents are handy for any outdoor activities including spring turkey, anything related to deer hunt preparation, shooting late summer coyotes or early season geese, bushwhacking to that secret summer honey hole with a 4 piece fly rod, or whatever other mischief you'll be up to this year! Regardless of the circumstance, be sure to be safe and protected with Bug Blocker sprays.


1.5 Performance Shirt

Uses- turkey, deer, predator, and waterfowl hunting, foraging, scouting, fishing

1.5shirtOur 1.5 Performance apparel series is everything ScentBlocker has to offer in one nice, soft, thin, quiet layer of material. We recommend these for the variable temperatures of spring, the sweat inducing heat of summer, and the invisible attack on nosy game like deer and coyotes come fall. Using ScentBlocker Trinity Technology, stink doesn’t stand a chance with these ultra-light baselayers. This stuff wicks away moisture so quick that it cools the skin, and with S3 Silver Anti-Microbial treatment, odor-causing bacteria, this outfit will stay fresher, longer. Perfect for next to the skin in any occasion, you'll definitely get a lot of hours and in field results with the 1.5 series.


Featherlite Shirt and Pant, or SpiderWeb Featherlite Pant

Uses- turkey, deer, predator, and waterfowl hunting, foraging, scouting, treestand prep, fishing

featherlitespiderwebWith our S3 Silver Anti-Microbial scent eliminating technology embedded into every thread of the tough, lightweight rip-stop fabric, and its aggressive wicking capability - Featherlite gear is great for any occasion where the weather is warm and a lot of movement is expected. With everyone on the planet aware of how important treestand safety is... there's no excuse for someone to leave the ground untethered. The great thing about any of our Spider Web safety gear is that the bungee tether is removable, therefore multiplying its use. We love to turkey hunt in Featherlite SpiderWebs because they are so light and breathable, and come fall, with the tether back on, they make a great scent free layering safety harness.


Versa headwrap with Trinity™ scent control or Insect Shield®

Uses- turkey, deer, predator, and waterfowl hunting, fishing

versaAs the name implies, the Versa is our most versatile piece of ultra thin, breathable headgear that can be worn a dozen ways. It can go anywhere and do anything. Versa has two models to choose from, one with Trinity scent control technology, and the other with Insect Shield to repel insects. A huge amount of detectable human scent comes from the head. By using a Versa with Trinity, a hunter can literally cover everything except his eyes, roll it down to keep the wind and sun off his neck, or utilize it anywhere in between. For spring turkey hunting, we recommend using the Versa with Insect Shield which uses the insect repellent permethrin—resulting in effective, odorless insect protection that lasts the expected lifetime of the product. Used as a face mask for sunny summer fishing, it's perfect for blocking the sun’s damaging rays while keeping flies, gnats, mosquitoes and other insects at bay. And it reduces odor causing bacteria with S3 Silver Anti-Microbial. Come fall predator and deer hunting, Versa is there to capture breath and scalp odors. A must for any outdoor enthusiast, the two Versa options are as functional as it gets.



Uses- turkey, deer, predator, waterfowl, and upland bird hunting, foraging, scouting, treestand prep, fishing

drencherAlthough most of our outdoor activities depend on the weather, we also do not let Mother Nature limit us. That's why ScentBlocker created the Drencher series of rain gear. 100% waterproof, this gear is lightweight and extremely portable. Drying quickly, the Drencher gear can be rolled tightly and stowed until needed. Perfect for spring hunting and fishing, summer scouting and hanging tree stands, and wet November bow hunts- everyone needs rain gear, might as well make it camouflage!


We can't say this enough. At ScentBlocker we're regular people just like you. We have responsibilities and bills, have kids that keep us busy and chores to do at home. We also do not have unlimited time or resources. We know you work hard for your money and that you have choices where to spend it. We appreciate the value of a high quality item, and want you to get the most from your investment.

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