ScentBlocker's New Black Out Series of Ground Blind/Late Night Hunting Gear

ScentBlocker® Black Out Series puts the lights out on game while hunting from a blind or in the dark of night.


Cannon Falls, MN — NOVEMBER, 2015 — ScentBlocker, constant innovator of hunting apparel and scent control technology, today rolled out their latest lineup of apparel specifically designed for the blind hunter - new Black Out Series.

Black colored apparel and scent control work together to give the hunter the advantage while hunting from a ground blind. ScentBlocker took five of their most popular and proven scent control hunting apparel items, and with a few tweaks and refinements, created the new Black Out lineup. The series incorporates powerful Trinity Scent Control, keeping the hunter hidden from sensitive noses.

The Black Out series includes the ultra-lightweight Trinity 1.5 Shirt, the Knock Out Jacket, Trinity Skull (Watch) Cap, Trinity Glove with Text Touch, as well as the popular Versa facemask w/S3, in, you guessed it, black.

The ScentBlocker Trinity 1.5 Shirt can be worn as a stand-alone top, or as a base layer. It is made from ultra-lightweight, breathable, technical fabric with 4 Direction Stretch and Microwick to keep the wearer cool and dry. It also incorporates an advanced S3® silver antimicrobial treatment to reduce odor-causing bacteria. This keeps garments smelling fresher, longer.

Next in the lineup is the light, cool, and deadly Knock Out Jacket. Perfect for spring or early fall hunts, its lightweight XLT™ 4Direction stretch™ fabric is breathable and highly comfortable, and makes for great warm weather performance gear. The Knock Out also features styling and design accents to make it look as good as it feels.

Finishing off the series are the Trinity Skull Cap, the Trinity Glove with Text Touch, and the comfortable and deadly effective Versa facemask with S3. The Black Out series helps the hunter disappear, creating more opportunity for success.


ScentBlocker’s Trinity Technology is fused right into the fabrics of all the Black Out Trinity items, providing light weight yet high performance scent control.





About Robinson Outdoor Products LLC brand ScentBlocker®:

Robinson Outdoor Products is a privately held corporation based in Cannon Falls, MN. As the clear leader in hunting apparel, scent control technologies, scent control liquids, and treestand safety equipment, their mission is to improve the hunter’s experience by innovation. For more information about Robinson Outdoor Products and the Tree Spider brand, call 1-507-263-2885 or visit


  • James

    Where can I find sizes and where can I place order?

  • Staff Writer

    The black out items are on our website, please use this link. The size chart can be found on the product page as you are viewing the items.

  • Richard Lebreck
    Richard Lebreck - July 27, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    I've been searching for weeks to purchase a jacket cap and gloves and I'm not having luck can u help me I'm close to giving up.

  • Staff Writer

    What exactly are you trying to find Richard? Cold weather gear, warm weather? How we can assist?

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