ScentBlocker's Guide to Gearing up for Waterfowl Season

Gearing up for Waterfowl Season



Travis Creekbaum of ScentBlocker's The Chase with his award winning retriever Yankee. Travis Creekbaum of ScentBlocker's The Chase with his award winning retriever Yankee.

No other group of hunters faces such adverse weather conditions as waterfowlers. I've been on early season goose hunts in September, where I've called in hordes of mosquitoes in the 90 degree humidity. I've also braved late season hunts in frozen January... chipping ice off of my call as I battle to sit just an hour longer. With many states offering shooting as early as September, and some seasons extending through the winter into February and March, waterfowlers see a lot of diverse weather. And the veterans know that the birds fly better the worse the weather gets.


We know how hard our fans work for their dollar, and the nice thing about our gear is that it is all multipurpose... being useful for many seasons, not just one. Ironically, even though we're ScentBlocker, human scent isn't a concern to ducks and geese. Foul smelling hunting gear is a concern to families at home, but with our scent control technology, this gear can be used much longer than traditional waterfowl garments without needing to be washed.


For those who have never shared a misty morning duck blind sipping coffee and hot coco with their teenage kids, or have yet to see the instinctive delight in a retriever's eyes as he swims back with a mouthful of warm duck; you're missing out! Shooting ducks and geese is absolutely addicting, and a great way to break the monotony of a frustrating deer season. Veteran “quack heads” and curious onlookers alike, here is ScentBlocker's guide to gearing up for the grueling wild ride known as waterfowl season.




Bug Blocker sprays Bug Blocker sprays

Sportsmen and families all across the continent are enjoying the effects of our new Bug Blocker sprays. More often than not, waterfowl hunting is done near water, where mosquitoes still flourish well into the fall. Bring plenty of Bug Blocker and spray everyone liberally. There's not a lot more frustrating than trying to sit still and enjoy a relaxing hunt when the bugs are biting. Also, when field hunting in the late summer and early fall, ticks are still a concern. Be sure to pre-treat everything from clothes and decoy bags to blinds and dog vests with Bug Blocker for Ticks, because ticks do not discriminate. We're predicting that Bug Blocker sprays will quickly become a standard in every duck and goose camp.



Early Season


A Versa mask like this is perfect for early season waterfowl hunting. A Versa mask like this is perfect for early season waterfowl hunting.

With the warm, humid air still hanging around longer and longer into the fall each year, duck and goose hunters need thin, lightweight hunting gear. We recommend our 1.5 series or Featherlites. The ScentBlocker 1.5 series is our greatest moisture wicking and scent control technology, all wrapped up into the thinnest, most lightweight garment we make. The Featherlite gear is also thin, light, and very versatile. I love duck and goose hunting in my Featherlite Spider Web, and when I'm ready to focus on deer, I throw on the tether, wash it in my ScentBlocker Trinity laundry detergent, and it becomes my safety harness. The Versa facemask, a beanie hat, and light gloves complete the system leaving the hunter completely camouflaged. Available in today's top camo patterns, with quick drying fabrics, this super light gear is a great starting point for any dedicated feather addict.



Mid Fall


My oldest son layers with my Trinity Hoodie while duck hunting. My oldest son layers with my Trinity Hoodie while duck hunting.

As the leaves continue to change color throughout the fall, the temperatures start to drop as well. This is where we transition from lightweight to midweight gear. There are all sorts of choices here, but for waterfowl hunting we recommend layering with our Apex gear. The Apex series is very light, wind proof, waterproof, and breathable. With a tightly cinching visor hood, and designed for rugged, wet archery hunts in hard to reach places, the Apex gear is as versatile as they come.


Late Season

Depending on the hunt and environment, the Outfitter series or Northern Extreme gear is perfect for cold hunts. The Outfitter gear is insulated, waterproof, wind proof, and breathable - perfect for anything Mother Nature wants to throw at you. Created for Arctic hunts, the reversible Northern Extreme gear will have winter waterfowler hunters warm and toasty long after their friends have called it quits. Like a portable igloo, the protection of the Northern Extreme gear could be a bit excessive for most of the waterfowl season, but when the weather is on its worst behavior... you'll be glad you have it.


Ducks Unlimited Gear


Travis and Yankee with a beautiful drake mallard. Travis and Yankee with a beautiful drake mallard.

Many don’t realize that the fabled Whitewater hunting gear is made by ScentBlocker! And they've been supporting waterfowl hunting for years. The Whitewater logo has been a household name in duck camps across the continent for good reason. Their weatherproof, warm, seasoned gear is preferred by duck and goose hunters everywhere. Also, any purchase of Ducks Unlimited series Whitewater gear helps support the conservation organization.






My son's buddies even borrow my ScentBlocker baselayers when it comes time to hunt. My son's buddies even borrow my ScentBlocker baselayers when it comes time to hunt.



As in any hunting scenario, baselayers are crucial for several reasons. First, they provide critical warmth where it belongs- at the skin. Second, one thing I really appreciate is how their scent eliminating capabilities leave me and my teenage sons smelling like we haven't hunted... even after we've lived in them all weekend.




The Drencher is perfect for any wet occasion. The Drencher is perfect for any wet occasion.


Of course last and certainly not least... what self respecting waterfowler would dare hop in a duck boat without a good set of rain gear. The Whitewater Drencher series is just that... good old fashioned rain gear. With a jacket and pant, many breathable waterproof combinations are possible with the Drencher gear.




Give it a Shot

No pun intended, but what we do intend is for people to try duck and goose hunting. There's a reason this time honored tradition is still alive and well. Waterfowl hunting can be a social event, and a great way to introduce newcomers to outdoor sports. It’s also a fun alternative to slow hours in the treestand when the deer aren't moving. Me personally... I don’t deer hunt many mornings until just before Halloween, so shooting ducks and geese is a great way to spend early fall mornings with my kids. And we love to eat the delicious dark red meat that waterfowl offer. In fact, my famous goose jerky has become a thing of legend in my son's high school football locker room each fall. Whatever the reason, try to shoot a few ducks and geese this year. You never know... you just might become a “quack head” like the rest of us.


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