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SANTA MONICA, CA – Industry-leading brands, BOWTECH, ScentBlocker and Realtree®, are being showcased in a hunting-themed feature film THE HUNTED. The film, just released nationwide, is selling out throughout the country at select theaters found through and In conjunction with the September 2014 DVD, VOD and digital release of the film, these industry-leading brands will each support the films national PR campaign featuring sweepstakes and gear giveaways with the most innovative products in the archery industry. Fortress Features (The Collector and The Collection) produced the film written, directed and starring Josh Stewart, known for his role in the box office hit The Dark Knight Rises, along with Emmy Award television series Criminal Minds.

THE HUNTED follows family-man, hunter, Jake, played by Stewart, alongside his best friend Stevie (Ronnie Gene Blevins) as they journey deep into the Appalachians of West Virginia on the hunt for a legendary buck. Chasing their dream of landing a television hunting show, the duo head into the dense, secluded mountains armed with only their bows and camera equipment. The friends quickly realize there is something else that stirs within the woods. Something that, turn by turn, begins to hunt them.

Growing up in rural West Virginia, Stewart spent much of his youth fly-fishing and bow hunting in the sprawling woods where THE HUNTED is set. “It’s a story I have always wanted to tell,” Stewart said. “Creatively I was just looking for something that would be a true testament to filmmaking while telling a story through something I’ve been doing my whole life, hunting.”

The filmmakers reached out to the most respected hunting brands in the industry during the early development stages of the film. BOWTECH Archery, Realtree and ScentBlocker quickly signed on to be a part of the project because of Stewart’s passion for hunting and efforts to not sensationalize the sport. BOWTECH sent Josh and the cast new flagship bows while ScentBlocker, Cabela’s, Trophy Ridge and Leupold outfitted the cast with additional gear, clothing and equipment.

“We’ve been fortunate to have our products showcased on-screen before, but never have we been able to be so involved in the filmmaking and marketing process. It’s been an awesome experience, ” said Michelle Dawson, BOWTECH Marketing Coordinator. “THE HUNTED put a whole new ‘thrill’ into my hunting experiences. The film is scary, entertaining and definitely something all hunters can relate to!”

Brand integration in film and television is progressing very quickly and these industry-leading brands have put the hunting industry at the forefront of the evolution. Often times, brands pay to promote a film, yet they are always faced with the challenge of connecting the film’s marketing campaign to their target demographic.  “There is not a scene in the film where the brands are not represented. This not only brings substantial authenticity to the film, but gives the brand a direct connection to the audience,” says Patrick Rizzotti, of Fortress Features. That is what makes THE HUNTED sponsor-backed push so unique and exciting for the brands and filmmakers.

Michael Swan of ScentBlocker/Tree Spider brands concurs, “Working with Josh and THE HUNTED team was similar to working with members of our Pro-Staff – they had history with our hunting apparel and treestand safety equipment as true-to-life bow hunters and insisted on pushing the envelop of authentic storytelling. Working with Fortress Features and other industry leaders to bring THE HUNTED to market makes for fun marketing fare. As audiences will soon find out, in terms of realism, craft and the culture, Fortress Features is about to put an unseasonable chill in the deer woods this season!”

Tyler Jordan of Realtree adds, “Being friends with Josh has given me a look behind the scenes of THE HUNTED, and I cannot wait to finally see this movie on the big screen. Josh is an authentic outdoorsman and hunter, and he’s combined that with his incredible imagination, plus his writing and acting talent, to create one of the truly scariest movies of all time. You will be contemplating whether or not to go in the woods alone next time you hunt.”

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