ScentBlocker Safari!

When I received the e-mail from Scott Shultz, I had to read it twice to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

"If possible... would you be able to come along to Africa this summer to document our safari?"

My response was simple and quick, "YES!". And now- after months of constant planning and preparation, we're heading to Africa!

It not just Scott and me either. All sorts of family and friends are tagging along. Bob and Larry from ScentBlocker Most Wanted and Leigh and Travis from The Chase will be filming for their shows and posting semi-live updates to their social media channels as often as possible. Model-actress-deer hunter, Nicole McClain will also be joining us on the trip. Nicole is excited for her first trip to Africa and everyone can follow her progress through her at

I've never had a chance to hunt out of the country - let alone a different continent! This is truly the trip of a lifetime and a dream come true for a blue-collar guy like myself. Most of my hunting will be with the company camera, and my memories will be documented on my laptop. However... according to Scott there's an animal somewhere in South Africa who has a date with destiny via the business end of my broadhead. :)

I've been so blessed in life, and this trip is certainly no exception. Please follow along on my adventure as I'll be constantly posting pictures and updates here at the website as well as on our Facebook page. Be sure to keep an eye open when we return. Over the next several months I'll be posting articles, pictures and stories from our trip featuring specific game animals.

The camps of Gamagara and Linksfontein of Johnny Vivier's Wintershoek Safaris will be our home for the next few weeks as the ScentBlocker Safari invades South Africa. Johnny is a world class guy who offers an even better hunt and amazing accommodations. So... until my next update, "Kwa heri" everyone. (I hope that means goodbye?!) I suppose I should brush up on the native language while I'm there too. :)

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