The ScentBlocker Pro's Christmas List

Believe or or not, we ScentBlocker Pro’s don’t even have all the gear we want. With such a broad catalog of items to wear and use for every possible hunting circumstance, we’re also asking for more ScentBlocker gear this Christmas. Here’s what is at the top of our lists and why.

IMG_20161112_095121259_TOPJason Herbert ScentBlocker Senior Staff Writer. “I need another Outfitter Spider Web. My old set is still very functional, but that is the problem, I wear it all the time! From late winter predator hunting, to spring turkey season, to bow hunting in the fall, to gun deer season, and late doe season, I’m always wearing my Spider Web. I want another set to keep completely scent free, so I don’t have to continue to do so much laundry. In the fall I hunt for myself, guide handicapped and veteran hunters, and also help mentored hunters learn to hunt. It’s hard to hunt all day with a veteran, quick do laundry until midnight to be back in the tree by myself the next morning. For a guy like me who is blessed beyond belief, an extra strictly scent free Spider Web set will come in handy.”

ImageAaron Zimmerman of New Bearing Media. “The Northern Extreme Suit.” Hailing from Ohio, but hunting the country each fall, Aaron is excited about the chance to extend his season with the Northern Extreme gear. “I’m finally looking to have a cold winter and needing to beef up my gear for late season deer and coyote hunting in the cold and wind.”

Aaron didn’t stop there. “I also want the Arctic Weight Base Layer set. Thinking about the cold winter we are going to have, I need to beef up my baselayers for late season deer and coyote hunting in the frigid cold and wind. Breathable base layers are a must when hiking through the snow to the stand.”

ScentBlocker Most Wanted host Larry Woodward killed this Indiana buck in 70 degree weather.

Larry Woodward host of ScentBlocker Most Wanted on The Outdoor Channel. "The Featherlite Spider Web. You can use it year round. If you hunt in warm weather you can simply wear it alone. If you hunt in cold weather, you can put your layers over it.”

Larry added, “I also love the Apex for year round protection for wind and rain. I have one in my pack all the time.”


Mark Misura from Sons of the Hunt. “I can tell you about some new products I used for the first time this year, that if I didn't already own. I was a big fan of the Thermic Vest. I wore it almost all season. It's the most versatile piece of gear I used this year. It was super comfortable early season combined with just a baselayer, and Trinity Hoody. I liked having my arms totally unencumbered, which was a big help keeping my draw super silent. The vest is the perfect piece of clothing for a bowhunter, especially when it's dead-quiet, warm, and 100% compatible, not only with a Tree-Spider Safety Harness, but with any harness really. As a Christmas would be a hands down winner for any bowhunter.”

Mark also added, “I also really enjoyed the Trinity Gloves with Text Touch as well. I take notes on my phone while in the tree to help keep my film organized. Doing that is a useful scouting tactic for me. And, I won't lie, I check facebook once in awhile... They definitely gave me peace-of-mind as far as scent control was concerned. Like the Thermic Vest they were perfect for keeping you warm, but unencumbered. I shoot my bow with them both on and off, with no changes to my accuracy. Ideal stocking-stuffer.”

MikeSwansOntarioBearMike Swan ScentBlocker Marketing Director “One of the most overlooked, yet most important components of deer hunting set up is apparel, and of those items the proper accessories: face mask, head cover and gloves. With options for early, mid and late season, my select priority below is staying warm on stand during the late season.

First, keeping your hands warm is an imperative. The Sherpa Glommit from Whitewater Outdoors for me is ideal. They are basically a warm mitten, with a flap that flips over to expose your fingers - perfect for a trigger or bow release. You can easily put hand warmers inside the flap, keeping your fingers toasty.

For a head cover late season, the ScentBlocker Trinity Fleece Watch Cap (SCWT) is ideal. Low profile, windproof, warm and fuzzy, and most importantly, it keeps scent contained with Trinity treated fabric.

The last accessory that ties the a strategy together is a proper face mask, for the early season, the Versa is a sure fire winner. Two options, one S3 with Insect Shield treatment that keeps flying insects at bay, the other; treated with Trinity Scent Control Technology. It's cool enough to wear two; for a hat / face mask combo to keep scent in, and the mosquitoes off, they keep you invisible from eyes and nose. For late season where keeping warm is imperative, the Quad Head Cover with Trinity is hands down awesome. Able to be worn as a neck gaiter, a full mask and as a full head cover."

Now we get to wait and see which, if any, one of our loved ones read what we write. Until then, let’s all take time to enjoy the holidays and remember the reason for the season. Regardless of what’s on our lists or yours, have a Merry Christmas from all of us at ScentBlocker!

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