ScentBlocker® introduces DUI, a new habit forming hunting product that attracts, calms and relaxes big game.

Cannon Falls, MN — May, 2015 — ScentBlocker, the constant innovator of scent control products for hunters, announces a product name change. The name of the exciting new product that was initially introduced as NoseBlocker at the 2015 ATA Show, has been changed to DUI - Deer Under the Influence. This is a much more fitting and accurate description of the product and how it works. 


DUI-BOTH-MockupWhile NoseBlocker was in-keeping with our “Blocker” scheme and seemed fitting, we did not want to confuse hunters into thinking that the product is actually able to block a deer’s nose, or their ability to smell you.  With 297 million scent receptors in their olfactory system, blocking or jamming their ability to smell is highly unlikely.  How they react if they do smell something they don’t like can be affected however, and that is where DUI shines.

Deer may sense you, but if you are using new DUI, its naturally intoxicating effect will make deer drowsy and complacent - like they don’t even care! The calming and relaxing aspect of this product is unique, powerful and totally new to hunting!

DUI_ROBNSNThis unprecedented and proprietary formula was researched and refined in the labs at ScentBlocker, and then tested in the field on wild deer. DUI contains a unique and powerful natural root extract which has a well documented effect of physiologically calming and relaxing high-strung and hyper animals. DUI applies this science to the first-ever hunting product that reduces the fear and flight response of deer, while calming and relaxing them. It has an almost intoxicating effect on big game, and is unlike anything previously available. DUI is being offered in two classic scented versions; aromatic Cherry Vanilla, and a delicious Apple scent. They act as both an attractant and to encourage inhalation by big game.

Michael Swan, Robinson Outdoor Products Marketing Director, says “Initial tests have been incredible. We have tested DUI throughout the country, and the results and the feedback we've experienced and received are pretty amazing."

DUI provides several advantages in different situations. By starting application in the early season with trail cameras, image capture frequency increases significantly. The intoxicating effect is habit forming, producing calm, relaxed deer that offer more and better shot opportunities. With DUI, deer behavior can be influenced, turning nocturnal bucks into daytime trophies. DUI should be used in shooting lanes and around stand locations and blinds. Spray on trees, leaves, and trails, and especially around feed and bait sites where legal.


About Robinson Outdoor Products LLC brand ScentBlocker®:

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