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I've been cutting wood for the last week and a half in these Recon Lifestyle pants and finally found a bit of time to get after the Steelheed! Not only do I love working in my Lifestyle gear- it's perfect for fishing. I've fished the Great Lakes and their tributaries, as well as the Gulf of Mexico in these pants and I really like how they perform in all situations. They're comfortable, lightweight and dry quick- even after falling in. (I "tested" them to be sure)

IMG952014042595210502887 A beautiful bright male Steelhead I caught out of a small creek recently.

Now- on to the Steelhead report. The Great Lakes tributaries are lousy with Steelie's right now! When the fish are feeding, they're biting on flies, spawn bags, and wax worms. The female's spend most of the day cleaning and tending their "redds" (beds). Most males worth their salt are waiting nearby downstream the redds, for the female to spawn out. When the female has released her eggs, one of the nearby males will happily come fertilize them.


Recon Lifestyle pants Recon Lifestyle pants

Generally during spawning season the fish aren't too hungry- but can still be caught. The males tend to be territorial, so try to sight fish them by sneaking up close and repeatedly casting something nearby to entice a strike. The female will also protect her redd, so an annoying little fly or wax worm thrown across her face may also get bit.

Recon Lifestyle shirt Recon Lifestyle shirt

Like many fish species, the Steelhead are picky and rely on their noses. Before any fishing trip, be sure to dig out the scent elimination spray from last deer season. I always have good luck when fishing by spraying down my hands with Ti4 scent elimination spray before handling any baits or lures.

When a Steelie is hooked- hang on tight! Their strength and acrobatic abilities have made them a highly pursued game fish throughout the Midwest and Pacific regions. Make sure the drag is dialed in for a good hook set, but light enough for a long fight. Let them tire themselves out, or the chances are good that these rascals will not be landed. Also, this time of year lends itself to be a mess from Old Man Winter's wrath of brush and fallen trees littering the rivers and streams. Be careful to keep the fish our of the timber because the slack line on a tangled fish will almost surely end up with no fish and a frustrated angler tying on new gear. By the way- bring plenty of gear :)

So... if it isn't your turkey season, and the mushrooms haven't made an appearance yet- get a line wet and try to hook into a Steelhead! Have fun, and if you have any luck, be sure to send us pictures.

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