Our ScentBlocker Christmas List!

Family. Friends. Fellowship. Food. Christmas is definitely one of my favorite times of the year! So often we lose sight of the most important things in life, but the holidays put it all back into perspective.


Having a four year-old daughter makes Christmas more special than ever. She’s young enough to believe in the magic of Santa and the North Pole and curious enough to understand and ask in-depth questions about the real reason we have Christmas… Jesus. Love permeates everything this time of year and it’s truly the reason for the season.


The joy of things can easily override the celebration of Jesus and those we love. We work hard in our family to parallel the commercial side of Christmas through the explanation of honoring those we love most by giving them something special on a special day, similar to the story of the three wise men bringing baby Jesus gifts. It’s not just about getting lots of things, but celebrating those that you love.


While my daughter has learned to make a Christmas Wish List, we’ve also begun making lists for others. Simple, special things that we know they really need or want. With so many outdoorsmen in our families, many of the Christmas gifts we buy will still revolve around hunting.


My daughter has been tagging along more and more on our hunting trips. I think this year we’ll invest in some youth Scentblocker gear, specifically this Knockout Jacket. It’ll be perfect for most of fall and we can layer clothing on as the temperatures get colder.


My husband has been eyeing the Matrix Jacket and Pants. After hours of research and great reviews across all of websites, this is perfect mid-season gear for any man. Plus, I’ve been thinking about getting him a new harness, as his is starting to look a little rough. This Tree Spider Speed Harness Kit looks like it would definitely fit the bill.


After seeing my SOLA Knockout gear, my mom has been threatening to steal mine for awhile now. I think it’s time for her own special set of gear. I couldn’t live without my set so I definitely don’t want it disappearing anytime soon. This everyday Arrow V-neck shirt will be right up her alley too.


Even though I have a lot of SOLA gear already, I’m dying to get my hands on the Arctic Shirt and Pants set. After an early, frigid cold snap of consistent temps in only single digits and the teens, I came to the quick realization that what I had just wasn’t cutting it. I’ve also been leaning towards this Arrow Hoody, for no other reason than it looks like something I could snuggle into after a long, cold hunt. As any outdoors girl knows, you can never have too many hoodies for winter.


As for stocking stuffers, almost everyone can use the Trinity Scent Eliminator Spray. I swear this stuff is a miracle in a bottle. I’ve had quality deer within 5 yards and less and they never knew I was there. I could give this stuff away like sticks of bubble gum. Along with the whole Dream Season Scent Elimination Kit there’s no reason any hunter should be busted by their scent.


Obviously, I’ll be fulfilling a lot of Christmas wish lists with ScentBlocker gear, but between the quality and the design, and the tried and true grit of the gear I already have, I feel confident my family will love opening these presents on Christmas morning. What better way to celebrate a love of hunting, a love of each other and the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ?

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