ScentBlocker and the Cary’s- A Family Tradition

Bret Cary is a humble working man living among the agricultural landscape of southern Michigan. He’s also one of the most successful big buck slayers I’ve ever met. With one of the nation’s highest hunter populations, an extremely long gun season during the rut, and lots of small properties- Michigan isn’t known as a “big buck state” because our deer simply do not live very long. Any 3 ½ year old buck in this state is a trophy. Seeing a Pope and Young class buck- let alone harvesting one- is a real honor that only the hardest working or luckiest hunters get to experience.

Bret Cary has been able to get on to several PY class bucks in Michigan throughout his hunting career. We talked recently and here’s a brief snapshot, in his own words, at what Bret’s been up to these last few years.

2011- “I’m really anal about my scent control. Usually I don’t even pose for pictures with my hunting gear on. I always wear ScentBlocker, and this is a rare occasion when we got a picture with me still wearing it”


2012- “This was a really big deer but didn't grow a G4 on the right. Had to make a quick decision to pass or take out the 9pt genetic. Grossed in the mid 120's.”

photo (1)

As if finding a mature buck to shoot weren’t hard enough, Bret had to go and crank up the challenge a notch by stalking both of these giant bucks from the ground in 2013!

2013- “I saw this one at day light w/ a doe chasing off other bucks. Left my tree stand to stalk him at 10am when they bedded in a standing bean field. Got to within 17 yd's & shot him when he stood up at 3:10pm.”

photo (2)

2013- “This one I saw on Thursday nov 7th in the evening in the bean field w/ a doe. Friday morning I climbed up on a irrigation tower & after light they were about 400 yd's down the field. Another stalk & a lot of luck I shot him at 32 yd's at 12:50 pm.”

photo (1)

This is just the last few years! What Bret is most proud of is his daughter, and the incredible season she had.

Kassandra Cary

2013 (age 15) This is Bret’s daughter Kassandra, the real trophy hunter in the family. During Michigan’s youth season she connected with this brute. “Shot September 21st at 30 yd's w/ a H&R Ultra slug gun, 20 gauge w/ a lightfield slug. Dropped on the spot. Dressed 207 & grossed 168 1/8 w/ a net of 162 ⅛.”

photo (3)

2013 (age 16) And as if her 160+ buck of a lifetime weren’t enough, she turned 16 and shot another whopper! “On December 17th We were in a fence row trying to get to a spot in a pot hole when deer started coming out of the woods into a picked corn field. There were 10-15 doe's & 5 bucks. This one was the last one out. She dropped him w/ a TC Encore Pro Hunter w/ a 250 grain shock wave bullet at 80 yd's. he has 12 points and a 19 1/2 inch spread. After rutting for 6 weeks he had no fat & dressed 160 pounds.”


OK Bret- now we’re curious. Anyone across North America would be impressed with your family’s track record of killing mature bucks- how are you doing it?

“I plant good food plots and monitor them closely with trail cameras. I’m really detailed with my scent control. I scent free wash all of my clothes and store them in a plastic bag. I only wear my hunting boots in the woods. Anytime I plan to put on my camo I use the Scent Shield scent eliminating lotion every time I get my camo on for a hunt. I only sit a stand when the conditions are perfect.”

Bret, Kassandra, and the rest of the Cary family- congratulations on an amazing season! We’re glad to see you using our gear the way we recommend and we can’t wait to see what you two tag next year!

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