ScentBlocker and BuckVentures' The Woodsman are joining forces

Cannon Falls, MN — May, 2015 — ScentBlocker, the constant innovator of scent control apparel and liquid products for hunting, today announced a sponsorship agreement with BuckVentures' The Woodsman.

buckventuresThe Woodsman is a show about four individuals trying to make their life work in the hunting industry.

Says Matt Hull, VP of Sales & Brand Management, “We were looking for a partner with a comprehensive line of apparel that fit our team's long hunting season in all types of terrain and climate. The apparel offerings from ScentBlocker range from a large collection of base layers, to midweight and layering pieces, to a variety of outerwear that not only span the seasons, but the fit, features, design and quality are a must for the amount of time we spend in the field. When pursuing mature animals, nothing is taken for granted. ScentBlocker’s ability to apply Trinity scent control to ultra-light fabrics, as well as cold weather, late season garments, is something that should create excellent opportunities for our success, and we are anxious to get that on film. We expect a marked improvement in shot opportunities this season.”

Michael Swan, Robinson Outdoor Products Marketing Director, says “We’re pleased to be working with a team dedicated to many of the same principles as ScentBlocker, with a track record illustrating a determination for success. We’re confident that The Woodsman team will find that ScentBlocker's full line of liquids, apparel, travel and storage products will provide them with the competitive edge needed to succeed in the field. When the team gears up this year, we’re confident that the advantages will be clear and the excitement on screen will show."

Brandon Danker co-host of BuckVentures added, “With such a wide variety of apparel for nearly every scenario, we’ll be dressed for success. Personally I am a big fan of wool baselayers, and not only does ScentBlocker offer 7 different styles of baselayers, but half of them have merino wool, the softest wool available."

Buddy Groom states, “We’re really excited about this relationship. The best hunters have consistently shot the biggest animals wearing ScentBlocker. From the beginning they’ve been paired up with the biggest names in hunting for a reason. They know ScentBlocker makes the products that make the difference.”

Watch for BuckVentures’ The Woodsman on Sportsman Channel, Wednesdays at 9:30 pm EST and 12:30 am EST, Thursdays at 1:30 pm ETS, and Saturdays, 3:00 am EST.


About Robinson Outdoor Products LLC brand ScentBlocker®:

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