The ScentBlocker Advantage- a story of DUI & Whitetail Velvet- by guest blogger Tyler Zygmunt

It all started way back when there was still a foot of snow on the ground up here in Northern Ontario, Canada. I had this spot always in the back of my mind from previous years looking for sheds and just scouting. I started to feed the deer while there was still snow on the ground and continued all the way through spring, summer, and early fall- our archery season opens September 1st.

Back in early to mid-summer when Bob Richardson and Larry Woodward where here in Atikokan, ONT fishing, Larry gave me DUI (deer under the influence) from Scent Blocker to do some field testing on black bear. This product is honestly one of a kind. The bears absolutely went crazy for it!

I was told that this DUI is a great product for whitetail deer and is proven to work! I explored outside the box and tried DUI for moose, and to say the least trail cam activity doubled if not tripled.


The buck Tyler was after. The buck Tyler was after.

Back to my story about my whitetail season. I was able to scout and keep track of my buck all through the spring, summer, and early fall months thanks to my Cuddeback trail camera. As June and beginning of July came, I started to see some pretty decent antler growth. Although nothing too crazy, I could see the body size was definitely a mature white-tail. It seemed as though the end of July and the beginning of August was exceptional antler growth. This just got me more and more excited! When I started using DUI for deer, crazy things started happening, the number of trail cam photos increased so much and it just seemed wherever I sprayed DUI the deer had their nose right to that spot. As middle to end of August came around I felt that I had my deer pattered. It just seemed that September 1st couldn’t come fast enough. By this time the DUI was a HUGE advantage they just couldn’t resist the fresh odor of the apple DUI. August 31st day before season opener, I went out to my deer hunting area (all on crown land) to check my Cuddeback and things were looking really good which made me more excited for the next day!

September 1st 2015 opening day!

tylerfinalWhen I woke up after a restless sleep on September 1st, I was pumped! I threw on my Scent Blocker gear and was ready to go. The weather really took a turn for the worse and was near 80 degrees, but there was no way I was missing out on opening day. I was sitting up in my tree stand at the crack of dawn ready to go waiting patiently. I made sure I was all sprayed off with Trinity Blast by Scent Blocker- making me completely odorless. Only saw a couple does in the morning, I snuck out in the heat of the day to go have lunch in my truck then got right back up in my stand. As the evening started to set in, I was spraying my DUI and I was totally feeling it! The temperature was dropping, sun was setting, and I had a feeling that things were going to pick-up. At 7:07pm I heard some leaves crunching and sticks breaking, I could see antlers through the trees and my heart started racing. The buck came through at 23yards with a slight quartering away shot so I drew back and let it fly! I watched the arrow disappear in through his chest and then I knew that was the perfect shot! The deer ran and very shortly after I heard a crash. I waited over an hour I felt very confident in my shot so I started tracking my deer. There was lots a blood to follow. Forty-five yards away or so, I saw a beautiful velvet antler sticking up from a distance. The feeling of relief and happiness from the hard work paying off was incredible. My first velvet buck and a beautiful one at that!!! The chase was over.


I checked my trail cam and I then realized on August 31st a real beauty; a tall 8 pointer that was always with the buck I shot, lost his velvet on that day. I feel so very thankful to be given the opportunity to harvest this mature whitetail buck in velvet with the help from Scent Blocker!

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