Scent Free Family Success!

My son's first buck... and my dad's 2nd of the season. My son's first buck... and my dad's 2nd of the season.

God has blessed me in so many more ways than I deserve, and so far this deer season has been no exception. Early on in Michigan's archery season my dad got the Herbert family on the board with a decent buck. On October 17th, the evening of the big Michigan vs. Michigan State football game I arrowed a giant doe and great 8-point within 20 minutes of each other! This past weekend my oldest son was able to harvest his first buck, and the following morning, my dad tagged out on a nice mature 8-point! And... our gun season hasn't even started yet. There is no doubt about it, we are blessed.

Along with all of our luck and blessings, there is one steadfast rule that our family hunts by. We are scent free hunters. We realize that uncontrolled human odors cause long-term damage to a hunting property, so we go the extra mile and make sure we're not leaving residual human odor behind. We all take scent free showers, and store our hunting clothes (including boots) in scent free storage containers. We liberally use Trinity Blast scent eliminating spray on all of our gear, and make sure that there is not a square inch of anything we carry into the woods that goes un-sprayed.

My buck and doe from October 17th. My buck and doe from October 17th.

When deer hunting, the details matter. I'll always love hunting myself, but I have found that I have just as much fun watching my family enjoy success. These are the "good old days" and my trophies are the lasting memories we're making. I truly believe that if we were not as disciplined as we are with our scent control, our odds of success would drop drastically.

As always, be safe out there. Have fun, shoot straight, and send us pictures of your family's success!


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