Saved by the Tree Spider!

IMG_20151006_160545053Here at ScentBlocker, we take great pride in the quality of our products. We're very proud of our Tree Spider line of safety equipment. Here's a recent testimonial from Chris Carper describing a fall he had. Thank God he was wearing his Tree Spider. In his own words...

"It was our second days of archery season here in Virginia and I had slipped into an area where my daughter and I had encountered a big buck the weekend before during a youth day hunt. The weather this past weekend was terrible to say the least, with high winds and a driving mist/rain. This was my first bowhunt on this farm.

I only had one option of trees where I felt I need to be to hang my stand... and it wasn't an easy one. After what seemed like an hour, I finally had my stand hung about 22' off the ground. Somewhat aggravated, I did NOT take the time to double check the stand on the easy hanger or put the extra strap on the bottom of my stand. Yes... all my fault, and against what I preach to my son and other kids I take hunting...SAFETY FIRST!

I clipped the tether of my Tree Spider Speed Harness into my safety strap and climbed over into the stand. I set my bow hanger and pulled up my bow and backpack. After everything was good to go I texted my son that I was set. I reached over for my release out of my backpack and the stand popped off the easy hanger with me sitting in it.

IMG_20151004_180910508It happened so fast that I didn't really know what happened. One second I'm sitting there and the next, I'm hanging from the bungee tether. My very first thought was dang that was a soft stop, seriously that was my very first thought! The second was I better text my son because I knew he had to have heard that.

I pulled myself over to my tree steps and dug my phone out of my side pocket and he was already calling me. His first words were, "please tell me you didn't fall!" I told him I did but my (your) equipment works and I was fine. I told him to keep hunting because all that racket might push the buck out his way. I snapped a few pictures from my phone for the good old scrap book and gathered all my gear up and called it an evening.

I figured I may be a little sore from the fall. Which ended up being around 8' after it a was all said and done, but not one bit. The stop from the harness really was as soft as I thought!

IMG_20151004_181320014I would like to thank everyone there for such a great product and customer service. My new harness is already on its way so I can be back in the tree Friday evening. The thing saved me from serious injury if not death and I'm thankful for such a great product.


Chris Carper"

WOW! Thank you Chris. We too are so thankful that you are OK. Now, there is one condition... when you guys put a tag on that buck this fall, be sure to send us a picture!

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