We Are His Saints.

So, now you are a new creature- one that has never existed before- let's start looking at who this new, adopted by Abba, creature is and what we look like.

Have you ever wondered why most of the letters in the New Testament are addressed to 'the saints'? It stands to reason that this name must have been an endearing familiar name for all believers. I imagine they referred to one another either as the brothers or as the saints followed sometimes by more specific terms, such as the saints in Rome, or in Galatia, for example. What a different view than how most of us think of ourselves. I think most of us think of ourselves as a 'sinner saved by grace'. That sounds correct because we are, of course sinners, right? Not according to your new Father! Are you aware that the name, the description, 'sinner saved by grace' is not found in the Bible. Because there is no such person. Scripture defines us all as being belonging to one of two groups; you can be a sinner or you can be a saint. Every Christian is a saint saved by grace! Who sins sometimes. Remember, you don't get the final word on who you are. Neither do your sins neither do your good deeds. Your emotions don't get the final say, other people don't either- the only One with the last Word is your Heavenly Father.

This week let's listen to Him, agree with Him, and thank Him, that in Truth, in Reality, we are his saints. Thank you Abba.


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