Safely Hanging an Invisible Treestand- Part #2

Getting In and Out

Keeping in mind my entrance and exit strategy, I first hack and slash a few wide trails to and from the stand. I prefer to use a small chainsaw whenever possible, but will and have resorted to pruners and a handsaw when in a bind. Realize any pruning will need to be done very aggressively because the new growth will still come back with a vengeance. I cut all of my trails extra wide, knowing that once it's fall, they'll have shrunk a bit. I also walk circles around the stand trimming shooting lanes and checking distances. I like to trim several trails to make sure I can always access the stand safely no matter the wind direction. After trails have been trimmed, it doesn’t hurt to rake them clear of debris. A clean trail will allow for quiet access. Also, at least before the leaves fall, a lot can be learned from studying tracks on a clean dirt trail.


I can’t stress enough the importance of stealthy entrances and exits. Many good stands are quickly ruined due to poor planning. Often, a hunter will access a trail upwind of a bedding area that holds deer. Those same deer most likely won’t show up during shooting hours, or will head someplace else upon leaving their beds. Also, leaving a stand after dark and disturbing feeding deer is bad as well. Those feeding deer won’t feel comfortable coming out until much later, once again, after shooting hours.




Here I can be seen switching my Safety Line to my Tree Strap while never being un-tethered to the tree. Here I can be seen switching my Safety Line to my Tree Strap while never being un-tethered to the tree.

It is possible to be completely tethered to a tree, from the moment we leave the ground, with a few simple tools. First, when hanging or trimming, I like to wear my Tree Spider safety harness with a lineman's belt. Tree Spider’s Vertical Climbing Belt is an awesome lineman's belt, and attaches to the harness, just below my waist. Clipping into loops on either side, my belt adjusts to the size of the tree, allowing me to safely stand on my sticks while allowing me to use both of my hands. Now I can easily climb and descend the tree while still being attached.


From that point, when I get into the stand, I use my regular tree strap to attach to the tree, just as if I were hunting. Then, I fasten Tree Spider’s Reflective Safety Line to the tree. In the future, when I am climbing in and out, I'll just lock in to the sliding knot on the Safety Line to make sure I'm always secure. If I'm using a portable stand that I hang and hunt at the same time, I'll just use my lineman's belt when climbing in and out, but for stands that I plan to hunt ore than once, I keep a Safety Line on each at the ready.


Scent Free

Once crucial key to consistently killing big deer is to remain invisible. It's impossible to stay hidden when slashing trails with a chainsaw, but from that point forward I treat each trek into the woods as if I were hunting. I'll spray down all of my gear, boots, and hands with a generous dose of Trinity Blast. When the stand is hung, I'll also spray it down once more for good measure. Any nearby trees or branches that get cut will also be sprayed wherever I grabbed them, and if they're on the ground, I rub a handful of dirt over the fresh cut marks to mask their appearance from deer and other hunters.



Everything gets a healthy does of Trinity Blast before the day is done. Everything gets a healthy dose of Trinity Blast before the day is done.

I don’t know if anyone will ever completely agree on the perfect time to hang a treestand. I’m hooked on summer because I’ll get a good idea of what it will look like come fall, and by the time the season rolls around any scent or pressure I have left behind will be long forgotten. It’s important to be flexible and mobile. Many hunters waste quality time in an unproductive stand each fall waiting to get lucky. Have plenty of stands prepared and hung well before the season starts, but also keep a portable one handy to hunt fresh sign when it appears. When preparing or hunting a stand, be sure to use proper safety equipment and lock into the tree before even leaving the ground. With help from ScentBlocker scent elimination products, and Tree Spider safety gear, invisible treestand safety is completely possible. 

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