Roman and Spiritual Adoption

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This week we continue our look at Abba's adoption of us as found in Romans 8:12-17. We have seen how serious of a decision this was, the culture in which it occurred, some of the steps involved in the adoption and some of the consequences of the adoption. This week we'll look at one more thing involved in the adoption ceremony and the resulting consequence.

In verse 16, Paul uses yet another picture of Roman adoption to reveal our spiritual adoption. He says that God's Spirit witnesses with our human spirit that we really are Abba's adopted children.

In a Roman adoption ceremony there were seven witnesses in whose presence the sale and ceremony were carried out. There were at least two reasons for their presence. First, they could remind the adoptee of their new life and tell them about their new father and family. The second was that in the event of the father's death someone accused the adoptee of not being a real family member, and therefore not entitled to their inheritance, one of the witnesses would come forward and testify to the adoptee's legitimacy and standing.

Bringing those aspects into our spiritual adoption we see the same truths. The Holy Spirit is not only giving us a sense of being Abba's child in our inner person, but throughout our journey is the One who reveals to us what Abba is really like, how He truly feels about us, and what our inheritance looks like. When we doubt, or others accuse us, of not truly being His child, it is the Holy Spirit who reminds us that He, Himself witnessed our adoption and that He is the seal of our adoption!

There's more to look at around our adoption and we'll conclude this look next week and then begin to peek at what our Abba Father is like. I'm looking forward to that journey with all of you.


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