Robinson Outdoor Products welcomes David Strandberg as Vice President, Marketing

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A new choice to lead Robinson Outdoor Products in new marketing directions.

davidCannon Falls, MN — June, 2015 — Cannon Falls, MN - “I firmly believe if you wish to stay on the very cusp of market trends, see the marketing of your brands and industry marketing through a fresh set of eyes, and retain a prolific spirit with in-house staffing you must seek talent from outside of the hunting industry,” says Scott Shultz, President and CEO of Robinson Outdoor Products. “That’s why we’re thrilled to announce David Strandberg has joined Robinson as our new Vice President, Marketing.”

“To say the marketing landscape has changed over the past decade for brands in every product category is an understatement, ”Shultz continued. “Successful marketing demands smart, bold moves. And we’ve done just that by bringing David on board.”

Strandberg’s background for the company’s hunting apparel and scent control products is unique and one Shultz is excited about. “David has held the role of Chief Creative Officer at some of the leading advertising and integrated marketing agencies in the country working on renown brands including Coca-Cola, Nabisco, AT&T, and Anheuser-Busch. He also held responsibility for one of the most iconic advertising campaign’s in history: Gatorade’s “Be Like Mike” campaign featuring Michael Jordan.” Additionally, David is fresh off the creative leadership position at online retailer Bluestem Brands. Says Shultz, ”David knows our brands. He knows our customers and before joining us David was a customer. He also has vast experience reaching audiences through traditional and digital media as well as ecommerce.”

The combination of Strandberg’s left and right brain approach to marketing and his love of the outdoors and hunting played a key role in Shultz’s decision to bring David to Robinson.

“I’ve always believed the strongest creative leaders are strong marketers first,” says Strandberg. “Before I ever started thinking about creative executions I helped drive the development of innovative brand strategies and marketing, communication, media and experience tactics. Once those critical elements were identified it was time to bring that thinking to life with not just “big ideas,” but XXL ideas.”

“The opportunity to market world-class brands in a segment where people don’t just look forward to their next adventure, but dream about it, is amazing,” according to David. ”Robinson Outdoor plays a critical role in making every trip to the field an experience not just to remember, but to tell stories about.”

“The talent, understanding, and insights that drive the development of our scent control apparel and products are without equal. At the same time, the thinking and field experience that contributes to the creation of our fabrics and designs is on the leading edge. One day in the not too distant future we will be the edge. We will tell our brand stories in unique, powerful and motivating ways and deliver them where today’s customers live,” said Strandberg. “It’s an honor to team up with Scott, industry veteran Michael Swan, our Marketing Director, and the rest of the Robinson Outdoor Products team to firmly entrench the ScentBlocker, Tree Spider and Whitewater brands as undisputed leaders in their segments.”

“I’ve been hiring the best people I can find for a lot of years. David is, officially, the most over-qualified person I’ve ever had the privilege to hire. From our first meeting David and I knew we could do great things together. And we’ve already started,” added Shultz.

About Robinson Outdoor Products LLC brand ScentBlocker®:

Robinson Outdoor Products is a privately held corporation based in Cannon Falls, MN. As the clear leader in hunting apparel, scent control technologies, scent control liquids, and treestand safety equipment, their mission is to improve the hunter’s experience by innovation. For more information about Robinson Outdoor Products and the Tree Spider brand, call 1-507-263-2885 or visit


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