Well, it has taken us several months to unwrap verses 4 and 5 of Ephesians 2. Along the way, we’ve looked at Abba’s mercy, His great love, unlike any other love you’ve ever known, our resulting adoption into His family, and His gift to us of this real life, His very own life, Zoe life.

So, this week let’s begin to look at verse 6; “and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.” Wow! That’s saying a lot in one incomplete sentence! Let’s just look at the first part of that verse today where He says “and raised us up together”.

What does He mean by the word ‘raised’? What is being talked about here, of course, is resurrection. Both Jesus’ resurrection and ours! But what does that mean- when I die I’ll go to heaven? No, salvation is not what is being spoken of here. If you notice, this claim of being co-resurrected with Jesus is being spoken of in the past tense. We have already risen with Him! That is really good news! Let’s take a closer look at how this “raised up together” affects our lives today.

As Christians we often focus on the cross of Christ, and for good reason. BUT, we need to remember always that if not for the resurrection, Jesus would still be in the grave, dead. He would not be alive, and therefore He would have no life to give to us, and we would be dead, as well. With His resurrection, Jesus has defeated everything, including death. Today He is alive with resurrected life, and has given that same life to us! So, we are risen with him!

Risen implies up. From the new position of “risenness” we can begin to see our life, circumstances, struggles, joys and pains from this perspective. All these things begin to take on their proper perspective. They don’t appear so large and overwhelming when viewed from the correct side of the grave. We can now look down on our circumstances, instead of believing we are somehow under them. We begin to see that the things of this earthly life to not define us nor do they determine our destiny, Abba does. We are His resurrected children. Thank you, Abba.



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