Risen Part 2


This week we're going to look at the next phrase in Ephesians 2:6. As you may recall, last week we learned that we have already been “raised up” with Christ, in a co-resurrection. This week the phrase we'll investigate a bit says; "we have been seated with Him". What an amazing truth. What does it mean by saying that Jesus has been seated, and we with Him?

In Scripture “to be seated” is a metaphor for the completion of one's work. One is able to rest because the work is finished. What work had Jesus completed? To cover a few: He stepped out of heaven into the world He had created, becoming human in the process, He lived a perfectly dependent and intimate life with His Abba Father, He suffered, shed His blood, was crucified for us, He was resurrected, and He ascended to heaven and was then, and is now, seated at the right hand of Abba.

What this means for us is, among other gifts; forgiveness of sins, a Savior who identifies with us and knows our frailties, who loves us to death, we receive His righteous life in exchange for our fallen dead life, we are adopted, made new creatures, and are given our heavenly citizenship….AND, being in Christ, we are seated with Him! Wow!

So now, friends, our 'work' is to receive, rejoice, and rest in all that He has accomplished for us by His finished work. All we do, and by that I do mean all, should be done from our position of being seated with Him, and the resulting rest in Him.

As one boy remarked when asked what he had learned from the sermon that day, which was on this topic, and I quote- "It sure sounds like we're sitting pretty."

Let's remember this week to practice sitting pretty with Jesus!


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