Reviewing Your Resolutions

Welcome to “but God”, circa 2014. If you have been joining us regularly, perhaps every-so-often, or, are reading for the first time, we are blessed you are here with us now.

Last week we chatted a little about New Year's resolutions and that quite possibly the one Abba might desire most from us is to embrace what He has done for us, His children. How have you been doing at keeping this or other resolutions?

This week we want to return to talking about this ‘Zoe life’ Abba has given to us and understanding how to embrace it and WHAT it looks like in practice.

Let's begin with our New Year's resolutions; why do we make them in the first place and how do we feel when we inevitably break them?

For myself, I know that the main motivation is to somehow, in some way, improve myself and as a result become a little more acceptable and lovable to myself, God, and others. I mean really, if my resolution is to read my Bible more, won't we all be a little more pleased with me?

Not Abba. His pleasure in me has nothing to do with my behavior(whew!) I'm not saying that He is against resolutions, but I do believe He sometimes wants to straighten out the thinking that motivates making them. If Abba is more pleased with me when I read Scripture than when I don't, then Jesus died for nothing.

What this Zoe life looks like goes something like this: If you have the idea to read your Bible more, thank Him for giving you the thought and the desire to read. Choose to read because it is your heart's desire because you love Him, not because you have to to make yourself more pleasing to Him. When you are successful; thank Him for His grace and that His pleasure in you is unconditional and embrace that Truth. When you fail; again, thank Him for His grace and that His pleasure in you is unconditional and embrace that Truth.

This is a bit of what having His life as our life looks like in practice- embracing His Truth as our reality.

So let's practice that this week.



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