A Real Woman

I have a confession; I hate the color pink. Yes, I am a female and I do not like the color pink. In fact, the only pink you will find in my wardrobe is my Sola attire. But hear me again; I hate pink.

Elisha in action! Elishia in action!


Growing up I played with trucks, dirt, and snakes. If any of my Barbies survived being melted they were cowgirls who rode the family dog to save the cowboy. As I grew older I started to find myself on more of a girly path, joining the cheerleading squad and curling my hair as most high school girls do, but at the end of the day I was a tomboy. I hate to be stereotyped, just because I'm a girl I must love pink and I can’t kill spiders because they are “gross”, I for sure can’t lift that or do that on my own. If I am considered strong, it is only “strong for girl”, not just strong.  And while there is nothing wrong with being afraid of spiders and I appreciate and respect the traditional role of women in society,  I believe that no role is better than the other. I also believe that there is NOTHING wrong with breaking the mold.


I have noticed a new trend that makes me cringe.  Social media is peppered with the phrase “Real woman”; articles titled “What REAL woman look like after pregnancy”, or “REAL woman have curves”, and my personal favorite; “REAL woman hunt”.  Let’s be honest for a second; there is no clear or precise definition of a woman. The fact that a woman may or may not have curves or if they know how to shoot a weapon doesn’t define IF they are woman, and it surely doesn’t decide if they are REAL.  After shooting my first arrow I didn’t think to myself; “HOLY COW!! I AM REAL!!! How have I possibly thought I was an actual woman before this??!?”.


Stereotypes and media should not decide who you are or how you act. If you love pink, wear pink. If you love to cook wild game and never want to be in the field to harvest it, then please send me some of your cooking. As for me; I want to be in the field, harvesting meat that I have no idea how to cook properly. Neither of these things make one of us more REAL than the other.

Elisha with a beautiful whitetail buck. Elishia with a beautiful whitetail buck.


Scentblocker is well on their way to understanding women. When they created the Sola line they did so with the understanding that woman in this industry are made different than men. What? Women are different?!? Shocking, I know. They recognize that these same differences that set us apart make us strong, independent, and able. They also recognize that women are always changing and look forward to feedback on how to make the line better. I love my sola attire and the fact that it has pink on it doesn’t stop me from wearing the best.  At the end of the day I want to be the closest, fastest, and strongest. Even if that means I have to do it with a little pink on my shirt.  Let’s be REAL ladies, be yourself, break the mold or don’t, but follow your arrow wherever it points.

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  • Christy

    Absolutely! Well said! I have always said this exact same thing to each young lady I talk to and all of my female and male friends.
    I once had a marketing director tell me he had been married for 25 years and knew all there was to know about being a woman. I laughed and told him "I had been a woman for over 40 years and still had no idea." The great thing about being a woman is we can define ourselves as individuals and be what we want to be when we want to be it! I hate when I run across a young woman who is trying to fit a particular mold because she lacks confidence or self assurance. I grew up in the 60's when stereotypes were forced upon females and if you did not fit into the mold other females would chastise or ostracize you for not accepting your fate. Luckily, I had a strong family to support me and I didn't care what they thought nor was it important for them to approve of me. Not an easy road to travel, but I always encourage females to push forward for what they want, whatever that may be. You can be a stay at home mom or a CEO it is all good! Just be happy and the best you can be.

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