A Perfect Fit

Proper fitting clothing and gear is something that, growing up, I really didn't think it was a big deal. Fifteen years ago, there really wasn't much available to women for hunting and the outdoors as far as camo and clothing. When my hunting career began, my dad was luckily a short man, so wearing his men's small pants was better than nothing I guess! The crotch of the pants would hang so low, I had to watch the terrain I was walking through, trying to "pick up" my pants while stepping over trees or logs in hopes of not falling on my face! As far as jackets went, again, I was wearing my dads camo in men's size small. From what I can remember, a men's small was a ladies or young girls best bet for camo in the field. Looking back, thanks goodness I was hunting with a rifle and not a bow. I would have caught, not only my jacket arm in the string, but rather the whole jacket!

Kelsy and her SOLA gear on a bowhunt for a giant Mulie buck. Kelsy and her SOLA gear on a bowhunt for a giant Mulie buck.

From the transition of hunting with my dad, to hunting with my new boyfriend Cody (who is now my hubby) I just happily started wearing Codys hunting clothes. Slowly, I started to take note. These clothes of Cody's were slowing me down and making the experience a lot harder and more exhausting than it should have been! Ladies hunting hadn't become as popular back then as it is today, so there was just limited options. Sure, maybe I would find a shirt or two and a jacket, but I always seemed to hunt in Cody's pants. As I got into the world of bow hunting I soon realized I was literally crawling out of my men's size large pants trying to stalk a mule deer. This had to stop. ESPECIALLY trying to hunt on camera with these kinds of problems- LOL.


Thankfully ScentBlocker came into the ladies hunting scene and took charge with their SOLA line. Ladies, you do NOT need to be wearing your hubby's pants with a crotch that restricts your every move! Or shirts and jackets that have 8" of extra material hanging down in the arms. I can't even begin to tell you how much proper fitting/made clothing can change your game. I can crawl up to a Mulie buck in a wheat field and be confident my pants aren't falling down I know that I can draw my bow on a whitetail and not be worried about catching my string on any part of my clothing. I like my camo to most importantly be comfortable, secondly be silent, and third (hey I'm a girl) I want it to look good. The ScentBlocker SOLA Knock Out jacket and pants is my “go to” outfit for all three of those reasons. I can hunt bears comfortably in the spring, and it is quiet enough to get me 20 yards from a big mulie buck in a crunchy dry September wheat field. ScentBlocker has really gone the extra mile I feel in the material they select for their clothing. In my "pre-ScentBlocker days" I have been 60 yards from a bedded buck and closing in when I have had to take off my jacket and pants and finish the stalk in long underwear and a long sleeve t-shirt. It's unbelievable how the slightest move can make that material sound like an elephant is stalking that animal. The Knock Out outfit has even taken everything, even the lining into consideration. It is a soft material that won't "slide" and crinkle even against your under layer, which believe it or not- can make or break a stalk. Sitting In a blind I have drawn back by bow at 25 yards on a whitetail buck and blew it, because my jacket had a lining in it that was a shiny, crinkly fabric that especially when a little cold, sounded like, well I might as well have taken my 1 year old daughter in the blind and tried to have a successful evening- LOL. Needless to say, I am so happy that women in this industry have stepped up and made their voices heard about what they want and need to wear in the field. ScentBlocker listened, and SOLA will forever be one step ahead of the game in all aspects of ladies camo.

Out on a sunny late winter horse ride, Kelsy only needs to bring one layer with her SOLA gear. Out on a sunny late winter horse ride, Kelsy only needs to bring one layer with her SOLA gear.

Living on a farm, whether it's checking cows or going out for a ride on my horse, my SOLA jackets have basically taken over my closet. I love my Triple Threat with RainBlocker jacket for any spring riding or work around the farm. It's such a nice fit, yet I know I'm going to stay warm and dry if I end up a few miles from home on a horse. And... best yet, I don't have to pack multiple jackets with me on my saddle. I'm so happy to be an ambassador for such an amazing brand. It's a pretty awesome feeling to not just be ambassador of a  brand, but to believe in the brand as well. I can honestly say the SOLA line has made me a better hunter and has definitely changed my game.

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