North Dakota late season success with ScentBlocker!

Jack West from Fessenden, North Dakota had a cold adventure recently. Jack shared with us the accounts that led up to taking this giant NODAK buck on the last day of the season.

IMG_0037 copy


"I work as an engineer for Canadian Pacific Railroad. I am married and have 3 girls. I have a busy schedule with not a lot of time for hunting. I was out driving around pheasant hunting when I noticed a well-worn deer trail coming from an old farmstead crossing a gravel road into a cornfield. I decided to check it out and found a lot of sign. The trail was about 10 yards from an abandoned house that had brush grown up around it. I cleared some brush between the trail and house and found an old chair in the house. I positioned it so I could shoot out a large window that was already missing the glass. I chose this set up because the temps have been so cold. I went out New Years Eve at this spot for the first time but got too cold and had to leave early.

Then, January 4th at 4 p.m. with -30 wind chill I found a very fresh shed on the trail on my way in to hunt. My first instinct was to search area for other side of shed and then I remembered the bow season ended on the 5th and maybe I would see this large buck without one side or maybe another deer. So I opted to hunt instead.

After about 20 minutes a doe came by and went out into the field. And then 6 other deer followed her into an alfalfa field. At about 5 p.m. I saw movement out the south window of house. As soon as the buck took another step I could see that it was a large buck with only the right side antler remaining. He had circled the old house at that time and was 30 yds away. He proceeded north directly into the wind up the trail. I instantly drew my bow. He kept coming until he was directly outside shooting window at about 12 yds and then stopped, looking to the other deer feeding in the field. I released my arrow making a good shot. The buck went about 100 yds and was down."

On behalf of all of us at ScentBlocker- congratulations Jack! What a beautiful animal. Thanks for using our products with integrity and keep up the good work. Our only advice- maybe next year don't wait until it's 30 below:)?


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