New Products for 2015

If you missed the 2015 ATA show- you missed a lot! Unfortunately- the annual gathering of all things archery- the Archery Trade Association or "ATA" show, isn't open to the public. However... here's a sneek peek at the new products we unveiled and what to look for on your dealers shelves this year. Enjoy!

Northern Extreme


The concept was to create a super warm, late season, snow ready reversible to woodland garment set based on the popular ScentBlocker Switchback for the ultimate in inclement weather and hunting flexibility.


The guts are thick and warm with an interior fabric in Realtree Xtra Camo Sherpa fleece to fight the coldest conditions. Insulated with 3M’s Thinsulate Platinum – ultra thin and ultra dense for the most extreme cold. This is all sealed in a snow-shedding, AP Snow waterproof, smooth face shell fabric. The combination is balanced providing all the armor against the elements required to lay in the snow and await your game, or make the slow stalking approach in deep snow without concern for getting wet.



Bug Blocker for Ticks with Permethrin kills and repels ticks that may carry Lyme disease and other biting insects such as chiggers and mosquitoes. Bug Blocker for Ticks can be applied to clothing, tents, packs, and sleeping bags but should not be used on skin.

Bug Blocker for Mosquitos has ever effective DEET to repel mosquitoes that may carry West Nile Virus, and it is effective for up to 8 hours. The special formula contains additional repellents to repel biting flies and other insects, including black flies, gnats, chiggers, spiders and ticks.

In field testing, consistent feedback from hunters, outfitters, and guides hailed the Bug Blocker products as “Best in Class”, with comments such as “It out-performed other brands hands down", or "Works way better than plain DEET sprays".



At its core, the ScentBlocker 1.5 Performance Shirt is made from ultralightweight, breathable, technical fabric with 4 Direction Stretch and Microwick to keep the wearer cool and dry. It also incorporates an advanced S3® silver antimicrobial treatment to reduce odor-causing bacteria. This keeps garments smelling fresher, longer. But the foundation of this innovative product is ScentBlocker’s revolutionary new synthetic Trinity Technology that adsorbs human odor like nothing else.


Knock Out Jacket Light, cool, and deadly, the Knock Out Jacket and Pant are the perfect pair for pre-season scouting and early fall hunts. Lightweight with breathable XLT™ fabric, the Knock Out™ offers newly introduced Trinity™ scent control technology combined with 4Direction stretch™ for comfort making it the perfect performance gear for the active warm season lady hunter. The Knock Out™ Jacket has a safety harness slit for easy attachment, keeping the elements out, and scent contained. The Knock Out also features new styling and design accents to make it look as good as it feels.

Composed of a patented polymeric resin that took more than 10 years to perfect, Trinity has properties that provide qualities unattainable in other scent-adsorption technologies; it’s lighter by volume, exhibits stronger attraction for human/organic odors, and lasts longer over the life of a garment. Testing shows that Trinity even leapfrogged the efficacy benchmark of their own industry leading Cold Fusion® carbon odor-adsorption capacity. And by leveraging ScentBlocker’s proprietary application process, Trinity Technology is fused into the fabric of the garment — in this case, the ScentBlocker 1.5 Performance Shirt.

Trinity Duffle Bag


Maintaining a strict scent control regimen is imperative in avoiding detection by big game and their sensitive noses. Often the last leg of this strategy is the actual storage of apparel, boots and other gear a hunter brings into the field. With the introduction of the new Trinity Duffle Bag, not only can all this gear be stored odor free between seasons, it is made to travel between hunts; keeping odor out, and adsorbing any incidental odors that are introduced.

The design of this duffle bag incorporates an array of features and technology to make it not only highly effective, but also incredibly efficient for packing essential gear, and tough enough to travel the world. Odor control is the first order of business, with superior Trinity Scent Control treated removable fabric panel in the interior of the roomy bag. ScentBlocker’s Trinity Technology is fused right into the fabric, providing lightweight, high performance scent control that can be removed for regenerating in a home dryer for years of optimal scent control. The bag interior is also lined with a double PU interior water repellent coating.

The exterior is fabricated with select materials designed to protect the goods it carries. It features a 600 denier PVC coated base panel that is made “bathtub” style to be as tough as nails, with an embossed texture to minimize water contact. The outer fabric is 100% Polyester with DWR® treatment to repel water and moisture - wherever the road takes you.

Dead Quiet


Building on the feedback of bowhunters from around the country, the new Dead Quiet is based on their number one request - silence. Dead Quiet started with the development of a brand new composite fabric exhibiting the perfect weight, hand, and ability to stay silent in nearly all conditions. It uses a high denier, microfiber brushed tricot outer layer that is wet printed to maintain the soft characteristics of the fiber. This outer layer is treated with a highly water repellent DWR finish, and then combined with a plush inner layer of microfiber fleece. And incorporated between the layers of this ultimate fabric system is Trinity® technology, the heart and soul of ScentBlocker's scent control program.

This outfit is loaded with hunter-friendly features. The mid-weight jacket offers a new hood design which can be easily compressed and tucked away in the collar yet is stretchable and cut to allow for great peripheral vision. Other features include an adjustable and removable arm-guard, perfect size pockets in the right places, Spider Speed Clips and harness slit for Tree Spider safety compatibility, hybrid BodyLock waist, and of course the ultimate in soft, quiet fabric.

The Dead Quiet pants are equipped with an internal rubberized waistband which keeps shirts tucked in and pants up. Side elastic waistband provides comfortable fit without a belt, but also offers belt loops and tunnels. Both cargopocketsfeatureside entry zippers as well as top flap for easy access to gear. Pants include 20” leg zippers for easy on/off over footwear, diamond crotch gusset for maximum mobility and comfort, and silent rubberized snaps throughout.



Deer may see you, and may even smell you, but if you are using new NoseBlocker, its intoxicating effect will make deer drowsy and complacent - like they don’t even care! The calming and relaxing aspect of this product is unique, powerful and totally new to hunting!

This unprecedented and proprietary formula was researched and refined in the labs at ScentBlocker, and then tested in the field on wild deer. NoseBlocker contains a unique and powerful natural root extract which has a well documented effect of physiologically calming and relaxing high-strung and hyper animals. NoseBlocker applies this science to the first-ever hunting product that reduces the fear and flight response of deer, while calming and relaxing them. It has an almost intoxicating effect on big game, and is unlike anything previously available. NoseBlocker is being offered in two classic scented versions; aromatic Drowsy Cherry Vanilla, and a delicious Drowsy Apple scent. They act as both an attractant and to encourage inhalation by big game.

Michael Swan, Robinson Outdoor Products Marketing Director, says “Initial tests have been incredible. This is no exaggeration. We have tested NoseBlockerthroughout the country, and the results and the feedback we've experienced and received are pretty amazing."

NoseBlocker provides several advantages in different situations. The effect is nearly intoxicating, producing calm, relaxed deer that offer more and better shot opportunities. NoseBlocker should be used in shooting lanes and around stand locations and blinds. Spray on trees, leaves, and trails, and especially around feed and bait sites (where legal). 

So... sorry to be such a tease- but these products aren't quite ready to sell- yet. Look for them on your favorite ScentBlocker dealer's shelves soon.



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