Montana Turkey Hunting Success! - A Family Affair

Montana Turkey Hunting Success! - A Family Affair

Day one of Montana turkey season started with Darrell and me hitting the ground blind at 5 am.  Weather conditions not very good; with chances of snow and temperatures in the low 20's, it was going to make for a long morning.  After sitting in our blind until noon, and only calling in 12 jakes, we decided to hit the road and head home to warm up.  I asked Darrell if he wanted to go out for an evening hunt and he declined because he didn't think much would be moving with the weather the way it was.  So we parted ways and I headed home.

Getting home I was met at the door by my girls asking how the morning’s hunt went.  I told them it was exciting but nothing worth shooting.  In a harmony, they both said "can we go hunting?".

Without thinking, I was like, “yes”!  Three hours later, we loaded up the truck and off to the ground blind.  Weather wasn't looking too good, but I was hopeful that the night would yield some action. I was wearing my ScentBlocker Arctic fleece camouflage pants and black shirt. Not only did they keep me warm but I was well camouflaged with the black shirt blending in perfectly with the inside of the blind.  As we sat in the blind for the first 2 hours with nothing coming into the fields, I told the girls I would give it about 15 more minutes and we would head out.  Girls both said they were cold and that that sounded like a good plan.  Knowing how much good luck Tailyr (the youngest) was, I knew if we held out enough some birds would appear.  It couldn't have been more than 3 minutes and I saw some motion on the far side of the field.  Yep! it was two turkeys and yep, I thought we might have a chance at getting them to come to the decoys.

As the turkeys filtered into the field, I started calling pretty aggressive to see if I could speed the process up.  To my surprise, they began coming my way.  The girl’s eyes began to grow big as they could see them out the side of the blind.  Jaidyn was so excited she could hardly stand it.  She had never been turkey hunting with me when we had actually had an opportunity to harvest one, and with this tom closing the distance, I could see her excitement.  Finally after about 25 minutes the birds were in the decoys.  Camera on the birds, me trying to explain to the girls what the turkeys were doing and giving them some education on them, the time was getting close to make a bow shot. As Jaidyn was telling me to shoot about every 5 seconds, I was laughing at her excitement. The moment of truth came. As I drew my bow back, I said the pray I always do, and let the arrow fly. Both girls screamed with excitement as the arrow hit it mark and we had our Eastern Turkey on the ground. No words could describe the feeling I had seeing their excitement and how thankful I was that the Lord blessed the hunt the way he did.  Not only did my girls experience and learn what turkey hunting is all about, but they got to spend quality time in the blind with their Dad.


At the end of the day, memories that will last a lifetime and two young girls that are hooked on turkey hunting.  What more could a Dad ask for?

Quote:  Memories in the field with your kids are what a Dad dreams about.  But when your dreams become reality, you know you have memories for life.

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