Monster Utah bull elk down with the help of ScentBlocker

Our friend Eric Chesser with Tines Up recently completed the final chapter in a magnificent Utah bull's life. ScentBlocker products are continuing to become more popular with Western big game hunters, and when we asked Eric how he used our gear, here's what he had to say.

"Scent Blocker allowed me to get close to numerous animals during my hunt. I had deer as close as 8 yards away and bull elk only 20 yards away while sitting in a man made blind not a pop up... I always use scent blocker sprays while sitting, tree stand hunting, or stalking situations. Scent Blocker gives me confidence while hunting.

I'd like to send a message that a lot of hunters are missing which is staying positive. If you head into the field questioning weather or not you will succeed then you are setting yourself up to fail. I like to think positive, I tell myself I will! I don't let others get me down. I like to inspire other hunters to do the same and I always tell my fans "If I can do it so can you!""


Now that you've seen a picture of this monster... on to Eric's story.

This hunt started way before I got the news that I had drawn out an elk tag in my home state of Utah. It goes back four years earlier when my hunting partner Tadd picked up an awesome set of elk shed antlers. The bull had everything; long fronts, mass, and a big back end. Jared, who is another good hunting buddy of mine, found the same bull's shed set the following year. Later that fall while hunting Utah's late rifle hunt with my friend who had the tag I was lucky enough to see this giant bull for the first time. The bull was moving away from us and too far for a shot. Fast forward to the fall of 2012. This time Jared was lucky enough to draw that unit's early rifle tag and he caught the big bull on trail camera August 25th. The bull eluded hunters yet another year.


When I found out that I drew the archery tag for 2013 I knew that the "Fire Bull" was still alive. With Jared's help, I located him on trail camera in July summering half a mile from where he we had pictures of him. Thanks to Jared I knew where the bull would pre-rut and with his help I caught the Fire Bull on Friday August the 16th, the day before my hunt in the same meadow he was in the year before. The area this bull called home was very thick pine tree forest so I knew the only place I would get a good clean shot at him would be the meadow he fed in. Confident that this would be is home for the next 2-3 weeks I built a blind on the edge of the opening where he frequented.


I sat my blind nearly every day seeing a lot of bulls but never him. It had rained every single day on this hunt which made it one of the toughest hunts I've been on. Not because it was cold or wet but because these rainstorms where harsh flooding types of storms and they shut the elk movement down. By September 21st I had hunted every day except for 4. On the evening of September 22nd I quickly sprayed myself down with Scent Blocker Trinity spray, and after sitting this blind numerous times without seeing the fire bull I went back. Fire Bull was my number one bull all summer and really the bull that I wanted. I knew this blind would be my best chance at him. At 6:30 P.M. I noticed an elk approaching the meadow and with a quick glimpse of him in my binos I could see it was him. I had dreamed about this situation over and over and now my dream was a reality. Since I was alone I hurried and got my video camera set up and rolling. Next was my head camera. I was so afraid I was going to blow this hunt over getting the footage but I did it without alarming the bull. With my Gold Tip arrow knocked I waited as he approached my shooting lane. With a couple clicks of the Vortex Rangefinder I confirmed the distance and slowly moved my sliding sight window to 80 yards. I couldn't believe it, everything happened just like I thought it would. I had the bull of my dreams in my sight window but as he slowly fed slightly quartering to me his enormous right antler would cover his vitals. Pulling back my Prime bow as if I was going to break it so it wouldn't let down, the bull presented me with a shot. Just like practiced I slowly sunk down into my anchor and place my pin right behind the shoulder. The release of my arrow caught me off guard but the smack of the connection didn't. It was to late for the bull to react and he took off instantly. I quickly set my bow down and reached for my camera and filmed him as he exited the meadow. After a quick replay on the camera screen it revealed to me blood pumping out the exit side and right then I knew he wasn't going to make it through the night.


Knowing how tough these large animals are I backed out of the area and returned the following morning for the recovery. I was accompanied by my good friends Garrett, Jesse, and 3 other archery hunters that offered their help. With a solid blood trail left behind by the G5 Striker we were able to easily find him laying at the bottom of a steep creek bed. It was truly a sight I will never forget and after we let everyone catch up we approached the HUGE TIMBER WARRIOR with much respect. This bull was able to elude hunters for many years but after a long rainy hunt I was able to put my hands on his gorgeous rack. He lived to reach his prime and then some passing on his genetics for many years. We celebrated the moment and took many pictures, all of us surprised at his mass and tine length. With the help of my good friends we were able to pack him out in one trip. I'd like to thank all the people that helped me make this hunt a success.Ā 

Congratulations Eric! From all of us at ScentBlocker, we really happy for you.

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