Michigan crossbow success!

"I sensed something behind me. I slowly turned to see this big guy standing at the crest of the hill, scanning the area. I knew he was big, and wanted to get a decent shot, so I froze and waited until he walked by. I hit him hard and he didn't even make it 75 yards."


Way to go! This is my dad, Gary Herbert- retired teacher and Vietnam veteran- with his third Michigan deer this season. He's hunting off the ground with his crossbow and ScentBlocker gear. This buck was a scrapper- weighing in at 180 pounds dressed, with a 16" inside spread and a busted G2- he wears several fighting scars on his face and torso. A mature buck like this is rare in Michigan.

My dad shares access to this small property with several other hunters and has to hunt smart. He is very diligent with his scent control routine and it shows with his continuous success from hunting on the ground over the years. So, on behalf of all of us at ScentBlocker, congratulations Dad, we can't wait to see what you get with your 2nd buck tag!

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