Memorial day

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A dear friend of mine died last month. He had had a huge impact in my life. He had been my second spiritual 'father figure'. As I reflected on our relationship, I recalled that at my request he had presided over my biological father's funeral. My father had a lengthy battle with cancer and lost the fight in 1983. My friend had never met my father and stated in his eulogy that he had never known my father. Sadness hit my heart that day as the reality dawned on me that I had never known my father either. I won't belabor that point here, but Abba used that insight to show me I really didn't know Him either. My Christian journey to that point had been with Jesus. On the rare occasions I thought of or spoke to God rather than Jesus, I called Him God. My earthly father had been invisible in my life, and suddenly I was seeing that God the Father was equally invisible to me! He gave me a great and burning desire to know Him as Father, but I was stumped. How would I do this? Where in Scripture would I look to learn what Abba is like?

He then made it very clear for me. He had been laying the foundation for knowing Him as Father all along. Obvious to us now, was not so obvious to me until then. The answer was and is.....Jesus! I began to hear the obvious thing Jesus had said; I have come to show you the Father, the Father and I are one, if you have seen me you have seen the Father, this is eternal life, that you know my Father and you know me.

As we see the tenderness of Jesus, we see the Father's tenderness, as we see Jesus' healing touch, we see Abba's healing touch, when we see Jesus touching the leper, we see Abba coming to earth in Jesus' body, when we see Jesus providing for people, accepting them, approving of them, forgiving them, we see the Father providing, accepting, approving, and forgiving. What Jesus was saying was that Abba's heart came to earth in His body.

As you spend time in the gospels, sometimes it might bless you to replace Jesus with Abba. For instance; one day Abba was walking with the disciples......

After all, Jesus said He came to show us the Father and that He and the Father are one.

Have fun with this exercise and let me know how it goes.


Note: “but God” is a weekly ministry of Robinson Outdoors Products written for us by pastor and spiritual counselor, Thomas Paige. “But God” is posted each week on the ScentBlocker website and can be found there along with the archives of messages of past months from Thomas. “But God” is also posted each week on ScentBlocker Facebook page and on Twitter.

You may ask, “why would Robinson, an outdoor products company with brands ScentBlocker and Tree Spider, making  products for hunters, spend its time on something like “but God”?” 

Great question, as we here at Robinson consider our work place our mission field, our products bearing the John 3:16 inscription our outreach. For 2014, there will be a laminated waterproof jacket pocket insert that contains the salvation message printed in two languages. And, we ask the Lord to provide more opportunities for us to be a light unto a dark world.

What responses do we receive from our customers? Each week thousands and thousands of people read the “but God” message online. We receive dozens and dozens of appreciative emails, rejoicing that a company has the courage to stand up for what it believes despite perhaps it not being the most popular thing to do these days. God has blessed our lives and our  business!

I hope you will enjoy this weeks’ “…but God” as Thomas continues the series, unto the Lord!

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