Mark Sharp's Deer of the Year

I had to quick do a double take. While sitting at my dentists office waiting room, I noticed a recent cover of Outdoor Life magazine. Right there in front of me was a smiling hunter, with a huge whitetail buck, proudly sporting the ScentBlocker shield. I had to know more.

Ohio hunter Mark Sharp and his monster Buckeye State whitetail. Ohio hunter Mark Sharp and his monster Buckeye State whitetail.


Immediately opening the issue and turning to the annual Deer of the Year feature, I learned that Ohio taxidermist and hunter Mark Sharp had shot an absolute giant Buckeye State whitetail last fall while wearing ScentBlocker gear. I quickly emailed the editors at OL and they connected me with Mark. I've since gotten to know Mark a bit and he's a really nice guy. I'm always happy to see good people be blessed with trophy animals.

From reading the magazine and talking to Mark, I learned that the avid bowhunter knew there was a big buck in the area, but wasn't planning on hunting on the evening of November 8th. On his way home from work Mark called and talked to hunt hunting buddy/brother in law, and mentioned that he might not hunt that evening. "You've got to be in the woods- it's the rut..." the brother in laws logic sunk in, and sure enough Mark found himself in a tree that evening. Not long after, the 200+ inch whitetail was arrowed and well... the rest is deer hunting history.

I was curious about Mark's scent control regimen, and how he used ScentBlocker to help get on that wise old buck. Mark shared with me that he starts with the basics for his scent control. Always washing everything in scent elimination detergent, Mark stores his clothes in a scent free tote and always gets dressed/undressed in the field. He always takes a scent free shower and then begins his layering approach with antimicrobial baselayers. After the baselayers, Mark uses ScentBlocker outerwear- which varies depending on the temperature. Mark made sure to note that he wears rubber boots and always pulls his scent free pants over the top of them. He uses scent elimination spray liberally before heading into the field and makes sure to cover his gear with it as well. I was impressed with how disciplined Mark's routine was.

Mark added, “I have used ScentBocker for the last ten years and my success rate has been awesome. I think scent control products are great for a true bowhunter to get big deer up close and personal. I have killed some great deer at twenty yards or closer- thanks ScentBlocker!”

From all of us at ScentBlocker- thank you Mark! We're all super impressed with what you have been able to accomplish and your passion for scent control. We wish you the best of luck this fall and can't wait to see what you put your tag on.

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