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20160413_055511 There's not much prettier than a spring turkey sunrise.

Spring can be such a busy time of year. My husband and I own a garden center in the spring. Between maintaining our hunting property in northern Minnesota and running the garden center we have very limited time for scouting and prepping for turkey season. This year we were blessed to join a hunting club that specializes in pheasants and also offers spring turkey hunting. I have always been a bit reserved about game farm hunting and I have never hunted at one in my life. But I was open minded and ready to try it out! My husband and I love hunting anything, but are always limited for time in the spring. We were the only 2 people hunting a 500 acre piece of property that morning. I am new to turkey hunting, but I had been watching tons of videos on calling and hunting strategies. That morning I was hunting out of a ground blind by myself. So there I was a rookie turkey hunter, but a veteran to hunting. I knew I could do it! As day broke I could hear the groups of Jakes and Toms gobbling like a group of women in a church basement! I was on the edge of my seat, not know which direction they were coming from. This was such a cool experience hearing them. I was so excited when 2 groups had split and were cackling around me. I called…and they gobbled back! We went back and forth for a while. Finally, 3 larger turkeys came and presented themselves. Being my first time turkey hunting, I made sure to take the shot! Boom! I was so excited! I ran out and quickly retrieved the bird and went back in my blind. I sat and enjoyed the feeling of the adrenaline rush and text my hubby! Bird down! Being so early in the day I sat tight. About an hour after I had another group of 3 come with in about 100 yards. Now that the pressure was off I had a chance to play around with my call. I talked back and forth with them for about an hour, and finally got them to come into the decoy. So needless to say I shot my second turkey for the day! Each bird that day was such different experiences. Needless to say I was hooked!

20160413_093456 Chanda is all smiles with her first two turkeys!

As a hunter that has always hunted on private property, I wasn’t sure what to expect on a game farm. I understand my chances were higher to see a turkey. But I know it was my experience and ability to carry out the other details made it a success!

Being mid April in Minnesota it was still very cold in the mornings. I love my layer system I had on. My Sola 1.5 base layer with Trinity is a staple that I wear all year. Then I had on my Sola Pro Hoody, which is great because it is smooth so it slides around for easy movement and isn’t bulky. Topped off with my favorite outwear Sola Womens WindTec insulated jacket and pants. After many years of hunting in men’s clothes it is so nice to have a female cut and super soft material to help me stay quiet. Don’t forget to check out the amazing SOLA Trinity hunting gloves that actually fit a womens hand! Not to mention they have a text touch in case you need a quick selfie!

Text touch gloves are perfect for hunting selfies. Text touch gloves are perfect for hunting selfies.

Hope you get a chance to try something new and get outdoors!

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    Chanda does a nice job of putting you in the middle of the action. She obviously has good insight into the feelings she has when the moment comes. Regardless of the weapon of choice Chanda's insight needs to be heard more often. Get more articles from her.

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