Lucky to Be Alive

fallblockerMy friend, and happily married father of three, Larry Morrell fell out of his treestand the other day. He wasn't wearing a safety harness. Larry is pretty beat up- with his pelvis broken in four places and also a broken shoulder. Thank God he's alive. In Larry's own words... here's what happened.

"I was cutting corners as I got my stand up pretty late in the season. Got out there to hunt and decided to do it all at that time, instead of what I should have done... which is trim the tree with a saw when I set the stand. I stepped off of my treestand holding two branches and standing on one other. I was trying to break the branch I was standing on because it was in my shooting lane. I misjudged how brittle all the branches were, and when one in my hand broke, the others followed immediately. I landed on my left side, and knew I was hurt. I laid there for 20 minutes, but the adrenaline allowed me to get up and eventually walk 100 yards to my vehicle in about 15 minutes time. I then proceeded to drive home from there. Four cracks in my pelvis and one non displaced fracture in my shoulder. It looks like no surgery and amazingly I did not hurt my back or hit my head. Back in 2000, my best friend who got me into hunting fell from his tree. He is now paraplegic... I never thought it would happen to me."

WOW! We're all glad you are OK Larry. We know you will be a loyal safety harness disciple from this point forward. Thank you for being so open and sharing your experience with us. Hopefully we will be able to prevent more treestand falls in the future.

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  • Dan Haines

    Yep, Larry, I am that friend you referred to. I am glad you didn't join me as the one of the many poster children for wearing a harness when you climb. It's been a tough road as you know. If my wheelchair, constant pain, and missing out on much of life's pleasures will inspire others to wear a harness, that's all I can ask for.

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