Luck Favors the Prepared

image (2) It’s a saying I’ve heard all my life: “Luck favors the prepared”. Luck is something as hunters we depend on. You can’t control if a deer comes from a direction you don’t have clearance for a clean shot or how the elements will impact your time in the outdoors pursuing game. There are endless factors working against you during you hunts and as frustration has likely hit all of us at some point, we can often find ourselves running every “what if”, “if only” and “if I had” through our minds. Will the luck be in your favor? Not always, but I am a firm believer that there is a trend in the amount of time you prepare and the harder you work in the off season as to the success level of your outcomes.

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At Hang’Em Outfitters, our prepping season never ends. When season closes we spend our days renewing leases, taking blinds and tree stands down, moving feeders into storage, pulling trail cameras from the field and creating our plan of action for spring. Once spring turkey season ends it is time to fully focus back on deer season. This includes planting food plots, putting out trail cameras, putting feeders back together, setting up blinds and putting tree stands back in the trees. One thing we like to always emphasize on when working in the field is the importance of scent control. ScentBlocker Trinity Blast scent eliminating spray is our best friend. Scent control is always highlighted once season rolls around but it is often overlooked all the other times. Keep in mind; the deer are still there! They can still smell you when you come into their environment and can sense the changes you are making. Use scent eliminator spray. Period. This year we are also incorporating ScentBlocker DUI and we couldn’t be more excited! When I say incorporating, I mean fully utilizing and spraying the heck out of this stuff! If you haven’t looked into this product yet, you need to! We are currently using it to increase the frequency and number of deer we can capture on camera. It is known to have a calming effect that can condition the deer to be more comfortable on location. As we are setting up sites we are spraying DUI all around trail image (5)cameras, if a mineral block is present we are saturating the area around it as well as the grass, limbs, and brush where there appears to be heavy traffic trails. We have already had success seeing awesome bucks mid-day and they seem to be sticking around feeding sights longer than what we are used to seeing. We will continue to use scent eliminating spray and DUI through preseason and season and look forward to more positive results proven on our trail cams.

The summer time is typically when I spend a lot of time shooting my bow, sharpening my skills, and preparing to sling an arrow through a big buck. We all know how important shooting in the off-season is. This year however has been very different. I haven’t touched my bow since turkey season (aside from a spur of the moment 3D pop up tournament I got roped into shooting in days away from my due date. I did win a hunting and fishing trip to Canada for shockingly coming in second place. That’s a fun story for another day). I am image (6)waiting out the final days of my pregnancy, which has been a rough one, and hot summer shooting isn’t something I have had the energy to even consider. I know once I am able to shoot again I am going to have to practice harder than I have before to feel ready to make any challenging shot a deadly one as a pursue deer during archery season. I am hoping I can prepare enough for luck to be on my side this season!



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